Autumn Auction October 6/7/8, 2011
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No. 2865
Limit: 60 €
mixed lot of decoration pieces for a doll kitchen, butter dish from the years of war, 1916/17, porcelain, 2 clay jugs, 5.5 cm, 3 ceramic jugs, 2 x with cover, 4.5 and 5 cm, 1 jug with cover, pressed glass, 6 porcelain pharmacists jugs, 2 of it by the company Meissen, 1 x with handle

No. 2866
Limit: 60 €
dollhouse dinner service, porcelain with flower decor, bowl with handles with cover, 11 and 14 cm, sauce boat, 3 bowls, 5 plates

No. 2867
Limit: 160 €
dollhouse bedroom, 56 cm wide, 33 cm tall, furnished, with Gottschalk bedroom furnitures, floor wallpaper and wallpaper on the wall are a little bit more recent

No. 2868
Limit: 180 €
dollhouse, c. 1890, 71 cm wide, 32 cm tall, 41 cm deep, lower edge is paneled, at the side an exit, furnished, some accessories, 1 rest at chair missing, loft find, exit, in the back 2 windows, 1 windows is broken

No. 2869
Limit: 60 €
ERHARD & SÖHNE, 3 pieces made of gilded sheet brass, small bowl with vase, 6 cm tall, brush holder, 5 cm, with 2 brushes

No. 2870
Limit: 120 €
ERHARD & SÖHNE, 3-armed ceiling lamp, gilded sheet brass, installed glass, 6.5 cm, for a manorial room

No. 2871
Limit: 220 €
ERHARD & SÖHNE, gilded sheet brass, partially varnished, chimney, 9.5 cm tall, 8.3 cm wide, filigree produced, for a manorial doll room or dollhouse, very nice original condition

No. 2873
Limit: 750 €
3-part dollhouse, with top, 1,02 m wide, 41 cm tall, ornaments columns, painted, old wallpaper at wall and floor, the worn condition is caused of old age, one wall was over painted, original paint outside, middle body was afterwards add on, partially high-quality furnished, richly accessories, with dollhouse dolls

No. 2874
Limit: 1800 €
GOTTSCHALK, manorial dollhouse, for the English market, 92 cm tall, 81 cm wide, inside 4 rooms, splendid original wallpaper at wall and floor, 3 passage doors, partially with original curtains, silk is caused of old age a bit worn, partially furnished, partially pieces are slightly falling apart, some accessories, bedroom GOTTSCHALK, living room c. 1880, children's rooms is more recent, front can be opened, brick pattern are stuck, with splendid put on ornaments, surrounded entrance with a double door, with stood out windows at the side, panes are partially missing, it was partially painted over in the ochre colored part, loft find, some small articles are missing

No. 2875
Limit: 420 €
small dollhouse folding case, c. 1880, 46 cm wide, 26.5 cm tall, nice original wallpaper at wall and floor, back, 2 windows, furnished, with accessories, 3 dollhouse dolls

No. 2876
Limit: 220 €
ROCK & GRANER, Biberacher Blech, collapsible shop, 3-pieces, 28.5 cm tall, could be also furnished like a fashion shop, side parts with patched tin windows, at the top a hook, unusual

No. 2877
Limit: 60 €
dollhouse clock, lithographed tin, 10.5 cm

No. 2878
Limit: 120 €
2 dollhouse dolls, man and woman, 12.5 cm and 14.5 cm, bisque shoulder headed dolls, arms and legs, fabric body, 1 foot was glued, with all-bisque child, fix head, fix inset blue glass eyes, jointed arms and legs, original clothes

No. 2879
Limit: 80 €
ROCK & GRANER, Biberacher Blech, corner shelves, with mirror, 12.5 cm, the small scratches on the paintwork are caused of old age,all in all good condition

No. 2880
Limit: 120 €
dollhouse spice set, porcelain, 6 boxes with cover, vinegar and oil carafe, 6 cm, original box, a kitchen scene as cover picture, 1 box was glued, 1 was supplemented, otherwise exceptional condition

No. 2881
Limit: 80 €
dollhouse doll, 13 cm, bisque shoulder headed doll, arms and legs, fabric body, old clothes

No. 2882
Limit: 120 €
STOLLWERCK, chocolate machine, 27.5 cm, lithographed tin, Hansel and Gretel motif, good condition

No. 2883
Limit: 450 €
BIEDERMEIER, doll, papier mâché, 32,5 cm, modelled hair, with plait in the back, painted eyes, closed mouth, leather body, wood arms and legs, one leg with an old patch, slight loss, nice original dress, the worn condition is caused of old age, cracks at head are caused of old age, c. 1860, is a museum piece

No. 2884
Limit: 130 €
small dollhouse case, 38.5 cm wide, 19.5 cm tall, lithographed wallpaper, side walls and back are possibly not suitable to each other, furnished, with accessories, simple dolls

No. 2885
Limit: 120 €
nice mixed lot of boxes, possibly for a fashion shop, stamped or lithographed, 1 glass box, edge of gold, wafer picture, with a diameter of 8 cm, glass cracked, 1 casket milk glass painting, shaped like a book, 7.5 cm, 15 pieces

No. 2886
Limit: 60 €
dollhouse accessories, for a fashion shop, 2 hats, with a diameter of 2 cm, dogs, small hatbox, with a diameter of 7.5 cm, 1 board made of pressed and embroidered cardboard

No. 2887
Limit: 60 €
mixed lot 16 sacred tin parts, 1 silver plate, lamp, cups, picture of the Madonna, for a dollhouse or for an altar for children, height of lamp 7.5 cm

No. 2888
Limit: 70 €
dollhouse clock, gilded sheet brass, 9.5 cm, for a big manorial room

No. 2889
Limit: 70 €
mixed lot c. 20 tin parts, pram, 8 cm, writing things, plate, bowls, cups, bench and armchair filigree silver work

No. 2890
Limit: 120 €
8 pieces ivory, small corner cupboard, 5 cm, 2 benches, 3 chairs, table, 1 barrel

No. 2891
Limit: 120 €
small barrel, 10 cm, wood, handles made of ivory, 1 handle and upper point is missing, small ivory tap, crew cap, inside ivory sewing utensils, unusual

No. 2892
Limit: 90 €
egg cup, sheet brass, with egg, can be opened, inside mirrored, with sewing utensils, small scissors, thimble, small articles, 8 cm tall, egg is a little bit damaged on the point , unusual

No. 2893
Limit: 120 €
needle box, 11 pieces, wood, and partially fine silver work, 4.5 cm to 9.5 cm, for a fashion shop

No. 2894
Limit: 80 €
small casket, marked L. K., 10 cm, with scissors, handle is made of mother-of-pearl, gilded sheet brass, nice decoration for a fashion shop

No. 2895
Limit: 120 €
box made of chipboard, with ivory feet, 10.5 cm, with 5 mass ribbons, 1 shaped like a book, 4.5 cm, 1 x ivory, shaped like a coffee grinder, 4 cm, 1 x shaped like a nut, 1 x shaped like an acorn, 4.5 cm, with 1 tape measure the buckle is missing, unusual, for an early fashion shop

No. 2896
Limit: 60 €
3 pieces dollhouse mirror, 3 x frame made of gilded sheet brass, 8 cm and 8.5 cm, 1 x tin frame, 10.5 cm

No. 2897
Limit: 90 €
mixed lot of decoration pieces for a dollhouse, small lamp, gilded sheet brass, 4.5 cm, 2 busts, tin, small casket, gilded sheet brass, 6 cm, dollhouse pictures, small vase

No. 2898
Limit: 950 €
2-part dollhouse, c. 1890, 1.15 m long, 48 cm tall, middle passage, partially furnished, table, chairs, 1 incomplete chair, complex worked living room cupboard, mirrored in the middle, partially high-quality accessories, 2 lamps, 1 shelves, gilded sheet brass, high-quality curtain rods, windows with up-painted lead glazing, glass was partially glued

No. 2899
Limit: 120 €
device for cleaning knives, probably MÄRKLIN, 13 cm, 1 soldered joint is loosely, rare

No. 2900
Limit: 60 €
BING, window bucket, handpainted tin, 7.5 cm

No. 2901
Limit: 90 €
Nuremberg fried sausage tin, hallmarked tin, 6.5 cm, for an early kitchen with chimney hood

No. 2902
Limit: 90 €
dollhouse doll, housekeeper, 13 cm, bisque shoulder headed doll, arms and legs, fabric body, original clothes

No. 2903
Limit: 40 €
mixed lot of doll kitchen parts, mincer, chopping board, coal box, sieve and grater, small articles

No. 2904
Limit: 90 €
small tin chimney, 11.5 cm, small tin birdcage, gilded sheet brass picture frame, small dollhouse doll, all-bisque, 1 foot is break off

No. 2905
Limit: 280 €
ERZGEBIRGE, small stable, with figures, before 1900, 29.5 cm, with animals and figures, painted wood, nice original condition

No. 2906
Limit: 240 €
MÄRKLIN, scales, 18 cm, handpainted tin, bowls are nickel-plated

No. 2907
Limit: 120 €
parrot, mass, with wire stand, 15.5 cm, stick is broken, otherwise good

No. 2908
Limit: 60 €
c. 25 pieces glass, 1 box made of chipboard

No. 2909
Limit: 140 €
drive model, wood/cardboard, stuck with lithographed paper, smith, 22 cm, one wing is slightly damaged

No. 2910
Limit: 180 €
drive model, wood/cardboard, stuck with lithographed paper, wood processing, 28 cm tall, 1 wing is slightly damaged

No. 2911
Limit: 120 €
small wood/mass horse, 12 cm, with dollhouse doll child, bisque shoulder headed doll, arms and legs, fabric body

No. 2912
Limit: 140 €
dollhouse pram, wire, basket, original bedclothes, small all-bisque doll, 8.5 cm, early

No. 2913
Limit: 60 €
2 pieces tin, pull game, horse on wheels, 7 cm, 1 3-armed candelabrum

No. 2914
Limit: 60 €
dollhouse stove, casting, 13 cm, 1 stove, tin, stamped, 15.5 cm, 1 coal container

No. 2915
Limit: 60 €
papier mâché donkey, flocked, with noding mechanism, 11 cm

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