Autumn Auction October 6/7/8, 2011
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No. 2007
Limit: 120 €
stagecoach, wood, wheels with spokes, around 1900, 74 cm long, 31 cm tall, draft horse, a bit more recent, nice original condition

No. 2008
Limit: 80 €
mixed lot of dollhouse curtains, 7 pieces, 2 brass rods, for a larger dollhouse

No. 2009
Limit: 60 €
waffle iron, casting, with tripod, 14.5 cm in diameter, doll decoration or for a very large kitchen

No. 2010
Limit: 20 €
decoration pieces for a dollhouse, 5 mass sheep heads, for a hunting room or butcher's shop, 3 cm - 4.5 cm height

No. 2011
Limit: 120 €
mixed lot of different furniture programs, c. 1910, height of cupboard 22 cm, 2 tables, chest of drawers, 1 flexible doll, clown, small porcelain service, lamp, with 1 back for a sofa, art nouveau, mirrored, 22 cm, 3 chairs

No. 2012
Limit: 60 €
decoration pieces for adollhouse, picture, frame wood, inside gilded sheet brass, with child photo, 6 cm by 7.5 cm, brush, washing things, powder compact, dolls fingernail set

No. 2013
Limit: 20 €
decoration pieces for a dollhouse, petroleum can, 7 cm, small coffee grinder, lithographed, 1 Coca-Cola-box, oil can, oil tin

No. 2014
Limit: 60 €
mixed lot of bisque pieces, boy with appropiated clothes, seat height 6.5 cm, head with torso, modelled headband, some heads, 1 character head with flange neck, porcelain chair and table

No. 2015
Limit: 30 €
3 pieces, bisque pictures for a lithography, with a casting frame, curved, different motifs, 10.5 cm tall, 8.5 cm wide

No. 2017
Limit: 120 €
bisque shoulder headed doll, lady, 17 cm, fine modelled hair, fabric body, bisque arms and legs, up-painted boots, old clothes, underwear and hat, original box, cover at box is worn

No. 2018
Limit: 290 €
small shop, furnished like a flower shop, 51 cm wide, 28 cm tall, richly accessories, small doll with porcelain head

No. 2019
Limit: 80 €
2 bisque dollhouse dolls, 13 cm, boy and girl, socket head, painted eyes, standing mass body, old clothes

No. 2020
Limit: 40 €
mixed lot of turned tin plates, 6 pieces, 7 cm in diameter, 2 soup plates, 6.2 cm in diameter, 2 dinner plates, 6.5 cm in diameter

No. 2021
Limit: 40 €
mixed lot of turned tin plate, 8 flat plate, 4.5 cm in diameter, 8 soup plate, 5.5 cm in diameter, with some tender spots

No. 2022
Limit: 60 €
mixed lot of early doll kitchen parts, ladle, tin, some tinplate funnel, sieves, ladle, 1 saw, brass

No. 2023
Limit: 30 €
mixed lot of tin parts, 3 cans, mortar, bowls, plate, around 1900

No. 2024
Limit: 60 €
preserving pot, 12 cm, tinplate, soldered by hand, insert with 3 preserving jars, stamped, signature Becks

No. 2025
Limit: 60 €
coffee roaster, 22 cm, for a big doll kitchen

No. 2026
Limit: 40 €
coffee pot wit three legs, tinplate and brass pieces, for a big early kitchen, 16 cm

No. 2027
Limit: 160 €
Noah`s ark, 53 cm, 28 animals, in pairs, 8 animals, single, 6 figures, the lower edge of one roof side was supplemented, outside stuck with lithographed paper, around 1900

No. 2028
Limit: 160 €
monastery work, small altar, 25 cm tall, 24 cm wide, 15.5 cm deep, probably before 1900, small papier mâché nun, tin pieces

No. 2029
Limit: 120 €
3 pieces exceptional bath dolls, 11.5 cm - 17 cm, enameled porcelain, fine modelled hair, 1 x with old clothes

No. 2030
Limit: 60 €
6 pieces bath dolls, 6.5 cm - 10.5 cm, 2 of it with a break off arm, 1 small Kewpie, small bathtub, thermometer

No. 2031
Limit: 60 €
dolls altar, painted wood, 50 cm tall, 32 cm wide, with picture of the Virgin Mary , with a nice mixed lot of sacred tin parts, pictures, candelabrum, bowls, cups, bible, tin, 1 picture with tin frame, 8 cm

No. 2032
Limit: 180 €
pot for making jam, copper, hammered, inside tin-plated, 16 cm tall, 13 cm in diameter, complex produced, can be open at the side, with handle for an early big kitchen with chimney hood

No. 2033
Limit: 80 €
waffle iron with embers container, iron/casting, 12.5 cm in diameter , unusual

No. 2034
Limit: 60 €
MÄRKLIN, toilet, handpainted tin, 15 cm tall, good condition, one tin in the back was supplemented

No. 2035
Limit: 40 €
exceptional ceramic pieces for a doll kitchen, France, can 10.5 cm, 2 jugs, bowl with cover, 3 cups with saucers

No. 2036
Limit: 160 €
GROEDNERTAL, this doll is a museum piece, wood, 23 cm, slightly stood out nose, painted eyes, jointed wood body, original clothes, very nice original condition, c. 1870, in a box made of chipboard, suitable in size

No. 2037
Limit: 120 €
exceptional early cocoa cooker, copper, inside tin-plated, with beater, 23 cm, with turned wooden handle, cover with clasp, for an early big kitchen or an early dolls stove

No. 2038
Limit: 160 €
tripod, hammered copper, exceptional can, 12 cm, brass feet, complex produced, for an early kitchen with chimney hood

No. 2039
Limit: 120 €
exceptional copper jug with cover, with handle at the side and brass drain valve, inside tin-plated, 12.5 cm, unusual

No. 2040
Limit: 60 €
2 pieces accessories for a doll kitchen, for a kitchen with chimney hood, tripod, brass, forged casting feet, with exceptional tinplate cup, soldered by hand, 9.5 cm tall

No. 2041
Limit: 120 €
glow pan, 6 cm tall, iron, forged tin, wooden handle, for a kitchen with chimney hood

No. 2042
Limit: 120 €
exceptional coffee roaster with handle, 4.5cm in diameter, length 16 cm, for an early kitchen with chimney hood

No. 2043
Limit: 60 €
mailbox, lithographed tin, 9 cm, used, the tender spots and scratches on the paintwork are caused of old age, unusual

No. 2044
Limit: 40 €
mixed lot of accessories, for a big early kitchen, 2 butter tubs, wood, without handle, height 14.5 and 19.5 cm, 1 carrier bag, 1 sugar crusher

No. 2045
Limit: 60 €
exceptional tin hot-water bottle, with insert for a baby bottle (glass), 9 cm, for an early kitchen

No. 2046
Limit: 30 €
decoration pieces for a dollhouse, for a scene with playing children, small wooden box, 7.5 cm, small tin locomotive, metal, 2 card games

No. 2047
Limit: 30 €
small dollhouse card game, Miniature, No. 207, Skatgame Ferd. Piatnik & Fils page A. Vienne XIII., 2.5 cm by 1.8 cm, unusual

No. 2048
Limit: 90 €
tin bathroom, handpainted, 41 cm long, 20 cm deep, with accessories, c. 1925, bathtub, sink with mirror, heating, toilet, installed towel rack, minimally scratches on the paintwork

No. 2049
Limit: 160 €
KIBRI, small swimming pool, tin, 40 cm x 25 cm, stairs, bench, slide, 1 shower, used, the small scratches on the paintwork are caused of old age

No. 2050
Limit: 280 €
GROEDNERTAL, this doll is a museum piece, 33 cm, wood, fine painted hair, with intimitated hair slide and thumb, painted eyes, slightly stood out nose, jointed wood body, up-painted shoes, nice original clothes, a very nice original condition, c. 1860

No. 2051
Limit: 1800 €
kitchen with chimney hood, c. 1820, 86 cm wide, 66 cm tall, 60 cm deep, can be opened in front, bread cupboard, chimney hood, fix fitted shelves, richly accessories

No. 2052
Limit: 90 €
a pair of figures in traditional clothes for a dollhouse, boy and girl, all-bisque, 9.5 cm, fix inset glass eyes, jointed arms and legs, up-painted shoes and socks, original clothes, in original box

No. 2053
Limit: 120 €
wheelchair, tin, 15.5 cm, with scratches on the paintwork that are caused of old age

No. 2054
Limit: 20 €
birdcage, lithographed tin, with small celluloid bird, clock mechanism is intact, voice is weakly, 9 cm

No. 2055
Limit: 90 €
swing, tin, art nouveau, 20,5 cm tall, with small scratches on the paintwork that are caused of old age, decorative

No. 2056
Limit: 60 €
dollhouse doll, all-bisque, 14.5 cm, fix inset blue glass eyes, closed mouth, jointed arms and legs, modelled shoes and socks, old clothes, old mohair wig was a little bit losing hair, fix glued on, small flaked off part at torso, and its the starting point for a small crack

No. 2057
Limit: 120 €
service de Table, enameled tin, dinner service, tureen, sauce boat, 4 dinner plates and 4 soup plates, 9 cm in diameter, dishes, cutlery parts, serviettes, in original box, very good condition

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