Autumn Auction October 6/7/8, 2011
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No. 2560
Limit: 280 €
ROCK & GRANER, Biberacher Blech, small kitchen with chimney hood, tin, 24 cm wide, 8 cm deep, 18 cm tall, with well outside, fire place, tinplate parts, the scratches on the paintwork are caused of old age

No. 2561
Limit: 650 €
ROCK & GRANER, Biberacher Blech, kitchen with chimney hood with goose stable, well outside, fix fitted shelves, windows, richly accessories, 50 cm wide, 24 cm tall, 27 cm deep

No. 2562
Limit: 750 €
ROCK & GRANER, Biberacher Blech, bathroom, reference book "Biberacher Blech" Betuliusverlag Stuttgart, page 140, unusual, shower with pump mechanism, 2 windows, original painting, 34 cm long, 21 cm tall, 25 cm deep, c. 1875

No. 2563
Limit: 650 €
small manorial dollhouse, stuck with multicolored lithographed paper, 61 cm wide, 24 cm tall, 22 cm deep, passage door, high-quality furnished, living- and bedroom, richly accessories

No. 2564
Limit: 550 €
shop for colonial goods, c. 1890, drawers were stuck with lithographed paper, flower decor, with scales, richly accessories, 65 cm long, 21 cm tall, 23 deep

No. 2565
Limit: 360 €
small early shop, furnished like a pharmacy, 39 cm wide, 23 cm tall, 22 cm deep, original painting, with counter, in the back drawers, with old boxes

No. 2566
Limit: 380 €
delicatessen shop, Biedermeier, 51 cm wide, 24.5 cm tall, 22 cm deep, original painting, original counter, with many old wicker parts, drawers, shelves

No. 2567
Limit: 850 €
GOTTSCHALK, cake shop, manufacturing work, 65 cm wide, 40 cm tall, 35 cm deep, shelves at the side, drawers, with porcelain signs, middle glass cabinet is mirrored, 1 ornament at the counter is missing, a great many of original meals, original painting, nice decorative form, MÄRKLIN-scales

No. 2568
Limit: 650 €
hunting room, men's room, 70 cm wide, 43 cm tall, 50 cm deep, wall panelling, at the top old wallpaper, with an exit at the side, furnished with manorial furnitures from the Wilhelmine era, richly accessories, decorative, around 1900

No. 2569
Limit: 650 €
OTTO MAYER RAVENSBURG, men's room, with oriel, around 1900, 82 cm wide, 44.5 cm tall, 56 cm deep oriel panelling, windows in the back, with put on lead glazing, exit at the side, original furniture program, with accessories, spindle with spinning wheel, complex produced, old wallpaper, very decorative

No. 2570
Limit: 750 €
nice Biedermeier shop, 73 cm wide, 36 cm tall, 41 cm deep, in front 2 shopwindows, original counter, drawers with porcelain signs, stairs to the gallery with parapet, original wallpaper, richly accessories, boxes, bottles, wooden barrels

No. 2571
Limit: 380 €
GOTTSCHALK, small shop, 62 cm wide, 33 cm tall, at the side shelves, in the back drawers with curved tin signs, in the middle an oriel, original counter, with accessories, boxes, boxes, small scales, paper bags, tin ladder, original painting, the scratches on the paintwork are caused of old age, original wallpaper on the walls

No. 2572
Limit: 850 €
dollhouse "Specerei" store, Biedermeier, 47 cm wide, 22 cm tall, 28 cm deep, a suspended shopwindow in front, drawers in the back, original counter, with scales, nice accessories, very decorative, panes in the shop window are missing, old wallpaper

No. 2573
Limit: 550 €
material shop, probably HACKER, 57 cm wide, 37 cm tall, a shopwindow in front, drawers in the back, original counter, swung tin signs, original painting, original wallpaper at wall and bottom, with accessories, tin boxes, boxes, scales

No. 2574
Limit: 60 €
dollhouse store cupboard, varnished tin, 13 cm tall, blue design, nice original condition

No. 2575
Limit: 450 €
shop for colonial goods, around 1890, 76 cm wide, 33 cm tall, 33 cm deep, original painting, old wallpaper, 2 windows in the back, exit, drawers at the side, richly accessories, scale for sacks, paper dispenser, petroleum can, counter with scales, barrels, bags

No. 2576
Limit: 120 €
fruit cabinet for a dollhouse, handpainted tin, 13 cm tall, nice original condition

No. 2577
Limit: 160 €
MÄRKLIN, ice maker, 14.5 cm, varnished tin, tender spot at cover, porcelain knob, 1 corner is break off

No. 2578
Limit: 160 €
MÄRKLIN, ice maker, 10.5 cm, the scratches on the paintwork are caused of old age, original condition

No. 2579
Limit: 160 €
MÄRKLIN, ice maker, 14,5 cm, tin, porcelain knob, good condition

No. 2580
Limit: 160 €
ice maker, 12 cm tall, handpainted tin, probably MÄRKLIN, exceptional form, good condition

No. 2581
Limit: 120 €
MÄRKLIN, ice box, 9.5 cm tall, very nice original condition, handpainted tin

No. 2582
Limit: 380 €
MÄRKLIN, fruit press, 12 cm, handpainted tin, absolutely rare, nice original condition

No. 2583
Limit: 380 €
MÄRKLIN, pot for making jam; with drain valve, lion's paw feet, original funnel, original burner, 19 cm, rare

No. 2584
Limit: 180 €
MÄRKLIN, exceptional early coffee roaster, 10.5 cm, with circular cylinder, handle at the side, with burner

No. 2585
Limit: 180 €
MÄRKLIN, exceptional coffee roaster, circular cylinder, original burner, 8.5 cm, good condition

No. 2586
Limit: 180 €
exceptional coffee roaster, with burner, 13 cm, very good condition

No. 2587
Limit: 180 €
cook box, 7 cm wide, handpainted tin, 2 pots, with original cover

No. 2588
Limit: 120 €
coffee roaster, 9.5 cm, handle with porcelain knob

No. 2589
Limit: 160 €
pig roasting dish, tinplate, with mass pig, 14.5 cm, rare, with a big frying pan

No. 2590
Limit: 60 €
wooden kneading trough, for an early kitchen, 23 cm

No. 2591
Limit: 60 €
c. 20 pieces meals, mass, cake, sausage and cheese

No. 2592
Limit: 60 €
dollhouse preserving pot, enameled tin, brown speckled, with thermometer and preserving jars, pot 7.5 cm, good condition

No. 2593
Limit: 60 €
wick dispenser with scissors, 9 cm, for an early kitchen or for a dollhouse

No. 2594
Limit: 120 €
2 early wooden barrels with rack, for an early kitchen or shop, 18 cm, with mixed lot tin jugs, 1 water glass, a nice mixed lot

No. 2595
Limit: 160 €
dollhouse paraffin dispenser, handpainted tin, height 16 cm, with small scratches on the paintwork that are caused of old age, rare

No. 2596
Limit: 120 €
mixed lot of accessories for a dollhouse, tin, small chest of drawers, polish box, small dish, varnished tin, with an enameled cake pan, height of barrel: 9 cm

No. 2597
Limit: 60 €
doll kitchen accessories, bottle holder, varnished tin, 9 cm, coffee grinder, ROCK & GRANER Biberacher tin, small paraffin lamp, batter cutter, mincing knife, wall shelf, iron

No. 2598
Limit: 60 €
small mincer, probably MÄRKLIN, tea box, red varnished, dish, dustpan, red lithographed

No. 2599
Limit: 70 €
mixed lot of unusual doll kitchen parts, small potato press, baking plate, egg basket, coffee grinder, ROCK & GRANER Biberacher tin, 4 cm tall, grater, measuring jug, paraffin lamp

No. 2600
Limit: 120 €
mixed lot of doll kitchen pieces, white varnished, store cupboard, 10 cm, plate scales, can, 3 boxes with cover, bucket

No. 2601
Limit: 60 €
accessories for a doll kitchen, petroleum can, 6.5 cm, 1 spice rack with 5 porcelain spice doses, with cover, 1 pot

No. 2602
Limit: 60 €
mixed lot of doll kitchen parts, 2 dishes with dishes, 1 platter of cold cuts made of porcelain, 6 cm, complex, 2 bowls with covers shaped like chickens, sausage tin, salt and flour jar, bowls

No. 2603
Limit: 120 €
2 pieces tin cans, turned, 7 and 9 cm, one of it with a loosely cover, for an early kitchen

No. 2604
Limit: 60 €
mixed lot of doll kitchen parts, for a small kitchen, small coffee grinder, ROCK & GRANER, Biberacher tin, 4 cm wide, egg basket, knocker, sieve, beater, spoon, plane, bucket, batter cutter, iron

No. 2605
Limit: 40 €
mixed lot of doll kitchen parts, small coffee grinder, ROCK & GRANER Biberacher tin, 4.5 cm tall, 1 can, copper, small bathtub, measuring jug, quarter litre

No. 2606
Limit: 70 €
mixed lot of doll kitchen parts, small scale for sacks, 7 cm, handpainted tin, 11.5 cm, some tinplate parts, paraffin lamp, tin, lobster form, porcelain, flower decor

No. 2607
Limit: 90 €
UNIS FRANCE, 2 dollhouse dolls, bisque head, painted eyes, closed mouth, mohair wig, on a standing mass body, with modelled boots, 12 cm, in traditional costume, with a small porcelain doll, enameled porcelain, modelled hairstyle, 5.5 cm

No. 2608
Limit: 140 €
4 dollhouse dolls, bisque, jointed arms and legs, modelled shoes and socks, with real hair wigs, 1 x boy with painted eyes, 9 cm, 3 x girl with fix inset glass eyes, closed mouth, 9 cm to 10 cm, clothes were over sewed

No. 2609
Limit: 60 €
mixed lot of doll kitchen parts, 10 pieces made of enameled tin, grey speckled, among them a lobster form, 8.5 cm, coffee pot

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