Autumn auction September 28/29, 2012
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Complete catalog (1953 items)


No. 5004
Limit: 40 €
PORSCHE DESIGN by CARRERA, sun glasses, Made in Austria, No. 5621, golden frame, olive colored glasses, with dark-grey glasses, in original case, totaly unused
Hammerprice: 40,00 €

No. 5005
Limit: 20 €
PALOMA PICASSO, ladies' sun glasses, c. '60s, Cat Eye, black marmorate frame, at the side golden Paloma Picasso signature, 3 rhinestones are missing, for a thin head, glasses black/white bleeding, Frame Made in Germany, 3720, without case

No. 5006
Limit: 40 €
PORSCHE DESIGN by CARRERA, Display (stand for glasses), suitable for 3 pair of glasses, 43 cm tall, 14,5 cm deep, 25 cm wide, slight traces of usage, unusual
Hammerprice: 60,00 €

No. 5007
Limit: 30 €
unusual mixed lot from the '70s, sunglasses, Meniskus lenses, broad edges, 1 x apricot colored, with light blue glasses, 2 of it with brown marbling paints, an unusual mixed lot
Hammerprice: 30,00 €

No. 5008
Limit: 50 €
PORSCHE DESIGN, sun glasses, Carrera, Made in Austria, 562140, golden frame, black glasses, with exchangeable brown glasses, in original case
Hammerprice: 60,00 €

No. 5009
Limit: 30 €
RAY BAN, Made in Italy, RB3243 001/13, continuous light brown glass, golden frame, brown metallic temple, in original case, original dustcloth

No. 5010
Limit: 15 €
RODENSTOCK, ladies' sun glasses, '90s, beige frame, brown glass, unused, in a Gucci case
Hammerprice: 15,00 €

No. 5011
Limit: 15 €
LANVERT, ladies' sun glasses, '60s, plastic case, brown/yellow marbling, dark-brown glasses, nice condition, suitable to a small head
Hammerprice: 20,00 €

No. 5012
Limit: 5 €
ladies' sun glasses, '60s, large dark-brown glasses, dark-brown/yellow marbling
Hammerprice: 10,00 €

No. 5013
Limit: 30 €
unusual ladies' sun glasses, '60s, plastic frame, slightly brown/blue toned, marked Metzlar Germany, 130, large light brown glasses, unusual

No. 5201
Limit: 40 €
bead embroidered ladies bag, filigree flower design, silver strap, c. 1910, one side with a bit bead loss, 17 cm wide, without strap 15 cm tall, inside soft suede leather, high-quality workmanship, with 1 silver knob, for an umbrella for stroll, 10 cm

No. 5202
Limit: 30 €
bag made of snakeskin leather, wet-look, '30s, brass clasp, 1 carrying strap, inside lining is made of silver/grey fabric, 1 pocket, 2 side pockets, with carrying strap 35 cm tall, 21 cm wide, with small traces of usage that are caused of old age

No. 5203
Limit: 45 €
AIGNER, '60s, 1 handle with 2-color leather, beige and dark-brown, with shoulder strap, in front a push button, 2 large pockets inside, 1 zip, side pocket, inside lining is made of soft beige leather, with small traces of usage that are caused of old age, 25.5 cm wide, with handle 27 cm tall, 4 cm deep, classical model
Hammerprice: 60,00 €

No. 5204
Limit: 40 €
mixed lot finewallet, 1 x snakeskin leather, golden clasp, 1 pocket 7 cm x 7 cm, totaly unused, c. '30s with 1 crocodile moneybag, with 2 pushbuttons, 1 x pocket for small change 2 large banknote slits dark-brown, 10 cm x 10 cm, totaly without damage, 1 x wallet made of ostrich leather, silver clasp, inside lining is made of red leather, 1 push button, 2 slits for banknotes, totaly untouched, 12 cm x 6 cm, a very nice mixed lot
Hammerprice: 60,00 €

No. 5205
Limit: 20 €
mixed lot 3 wallets, 1 x c. 1930, caramel colored, probably lizard leather upholstered, 2 large pockets, 1 vent in the middle, 8 cm x 10 cm, with 1 suitable small wallet, with push button, large quilted seams, 9 cm x 7,5 cm, 1 x leather, Egyptian imprint, strongly worned, with zip, 12.5 cm wide

No. 5206
Limit: 60 €
unusual snakeskin leather bag, paintwork, '30s, unusual folded form, silver clasps, high-quality produced, inside lining is made of silver fabric, 2 fur bags, 1 x bag is worn in the middle, side pocket, fabric caused of old age at some places a little bit yellowed, 1 carrying strap is made of braided leather, 30 cm wide, 27 cm tall, unusual

No. 5207
Limit: 50 €
unusual big cognac-colored bag, golden rotary lock 1 carrying strap, c. 1960, Made in Italy, large seams, inside beige-colored lining, zip is caused of old age steamed up, with 2 nice wallets, 1 shoulder strap, 35 cm wide, with carrying strap, 40 cm tall, at the side a little bit worn, 3 cm deep, fine classical design, in a storage bag

No. 5208
Limit: 60 €
unusual evening bag, high-quality produced, floral flower decor, with gold stripes, with inset green stones, 5 on the front side, 5 on the back side, 1 carrying strap made of black velvet, inside black silk, 1 pocket, 3 side pockets, paper rests on the inside, 20 cm wide, 19 cm with carrying strap, unusual evening bag

No. 5209
Limit: 40 €
mixed lot 2 handbags, 1 x manufacturer Your sixth scythe, soft leather, circular form, 30 cm wide, long carrying strap, 22 cm tall, very good condition, with 1 black leather bag, also circular form, 29 cm wide, 24 cm tall, silver lock, leather carrying strap, inside lining fabric, 2 small side pockets

No. 5210
Limit: 70 €
fine classic purse, c. 1960, green smooth leather, golden clasps is minimally steamed up, inside lining is made of soft beige-colorerd leather, large side pocket with push button clasp, with suitable original mirror and small wallet, 1 penholder, card slit, 2 leather carrying straps, with minimally traces of usage that are caused of old age,21 cm tall, 28 cm wide, 8 cm deep, very nice classical model, very nice green color, in a storage bag

No. 5211
Limit: 50 €
unusual purse, c. 1940, black leather, triangular, leather carrying strap, silver clasp, with a long leather carrying strap, inside lining black silk, 2 small Seitentaschen, with strap 28 cm tall, corners and carrying strap with small worned places that are caused of old age, with 1 high-quality worked black wvening bag that is embroidered with beads , c. 1930, a high-quality work, inside pocket, small side pocket with original mirror, 18 cm wide, 22 cm tall, a very genteel mixed lot, unusual

No. 5212
Limit: 180 €
unusual python leather bag, '30s, gold-colored clasp, 2 carrying straps, at the side minimally worn which is caused of old age, inside lining made of light brown suede leather, big pcoket, 3 side pockets, 37 cm wide, 15 cm deep, 39 cm tall, extremely unusual size
Hammerprice: 240,00 €

No. 5213
Limit: 80 €
AIGNER, fine ladies evening bag, black paintwork, with magnetic push button, inside with Aigner emblem, inside lining made of black suede leather, and beige leather, 1 zip, 37 cm wide, 21 cm tall slight traces of usage, otherwise nice condition

No. 5214
Limit: 160 €
exceptional mixed lot, 1 x ladies purse made of python leather, 2 thin carrying straps, inside lining is made of beige suede leather, 1 large pocket, 1 side pocket with mirror, minimally worn, 23 cm wide, 7 cm deep, 35 cm tall with carrying strap, with suitable '30s, dancing shoes made of python leather, leather, circular shaped thick heel, steel fittings at the hook and at the point, size 9, high-quality produced, 24 cm long, please have a look at it, nice original condition

No. 5215
Limit: 30 €
AIGNER, ladies purse, beige, '50s, Aigner emblem at the front side, inside lining is made of soft beige calf leather, with gold-colored signature Etienne Aigner, zip at the side, carrying strap is fixed with pushbuttons, with appropriate wallet, the minimally traces of usage are caused of old age

No. 5216
Limit: 80 €
AIGNER, bag, cognac-colored, gilded clasps, folding clasp at the side, 1 carrying strap, 2 buckles, inside lining is made of fabric, large pocket, small side pocket, Aigner signature, 53 cm wide, 34 cm tall, 30 cm deep, 5 feet, nice unused condition, with suitable small traveling alarm clock, cognac-colored leather case with Aigner emblem and signature, Roman numerals, push button, intact untouched, a nice Vintage mixed lot
Hammerprice: 80,00 €

No. 5217
Limit: 70 €
small purse, python leather, natural, silver clasp, 2 carrying straps, leather, inside 3 large pockets, at the side 2 side pockets, 1 x with zip, inside calf leather, 22 cm wide, 29 cm tall, totaly untouched, c. 1935

No. 5218
Limit: 50 €
JOSEPHINE OSTHOFF, modern evening purse, black wet-look/leather, crocodile leather look, 29 cm wide, 30 cm tall, 2 golden carrying straps, 1 shoulder strap, 3 large pockets, zips, '70s
Hammerprice: 50,00 €

No. 5219
Limit: 0 €
JOSEPHINE OSTHOFF, manufacture of purses Villingen, black classic leather bag, paintwork, crocodile leather look, inside lining is made of black soft leather, 3 pockets, at the side a side pockets with zip, 1 long shoulder strap, size-adjustable, 25 cm wide, 20 cm tall, nice condition, '70s

No. 5220
Limit: 40 €
JOSEPHINE OSTHOFF, purse, '70s, beige leather crocodile leather look, long carrying strap, size-adjustable, long rotary lock at the front side, inside lining is made of black leather, large pocket, side pcoket with zip, strengthened stitched down sides, 30 cm wide, 24 cm tall, with slight traces of usage

No. 5221
Limit: 60 €
SORTULE DUCK, Italia Moda, unusual purse, brown, pale soft leather, with notepad, c. 1990, rotary lock at the front side, inside 3 large pockets, at the side 2 small side pockets, long shoulder strap, 20.5 cm tall, 22 cm wide, 7 cm deep, unusual

No. 5222
Limit: 50 €
ETIENNE AIGNER, carrier bag, shaped like an envelope, leather, dark-blue, with Aigner emblem on the front side, in the back a side pocket with zip, inside with beige soft leather, 21 cm wide, 16 cm tall, as good as new

No. 5223
Limit: 20 €
ETIENNE AIGNER, suitable to 5240, purse, marked Made in W. Germany, 5 card slots, large side pockets, inside beige, fabric with Aigner-emblem, nice original condition

No. 5224
Limit: 30 €
MCM, marked Munich, K 3773, small dark blue rucksack, with magnetic clasp at the front side, fabric with MCM symbol, outside pocket 24 cm tall, as good as new
Hammerprice: 30,00 €

No. 5225
Limit: 80 €
MCM, modern shopper, black, No. J1556, with MCM-emblem on the front side, inside lining is made of fabric with a large side pocket, zip, MCM-pattern, 2 long shoulder straps, length 45 cm, height 40 cm, nice unworn condition, as good as new
Hammerprice: 90,00 €

No. 5226
Limit: 70 €
unusual dark green purse, bright leather, with motif Hermes style, horse head decorated with golden emblems, 2 carrying straps, 1 magnet lever closure, inside a pocket with zip, inside lining made of soft calf leather, 2 large pockets in the middle, 1 bag with zip, 26 cm long, 30 cm wide, unusual, slight traces of usage

No. 5227
Limit: 30 €
PENSATO, sportive shoulder bag, olive, caramel-colored coordinated leather, shoulder strap is size-adjustable, inside lining is made of leather, large pocket, at the side 1 large side pocket, 40 cm wide, 42 cm tall, good condition
Hammerprice: 40,00 €

No. 5228
Limit: 250 €
PRADA, Milano, flat envelop bag, imprint Prada Milano, long shoulder strap, dark-brow smooth leather, long fringes around the bag, certificate B4552, large embossed logo, inside lining is made of soft beige leather, 1 side pocket with zip, Prada logo inside made of 925 silver, length 38 cm, height 30 cm, '80s, unusual, in a storage bag
Hammerprice: 250,00 €

No. 5229
Limit: 120 €
ENRICO COVERIE, classic ladies purse, middle brown, can be used as shoulder bag, size adjustable shoulder strap, with Enrico Coverie logo outside, inside lining is made of fabric, with Enrico Coverie design, side pocket with zip, length 35 cm, height 30 cm, minimally traces of usage, classical design, in a storage bag

No. 5230
Limit: 160 €
MCM, ladies' purse, noble dark-brown embossed leather, stamped Munich K6939, with clasp closure, 1 short carrying strap, MCM inside lining, inside MCM stamped, 1 small side pocket with zip, as good as new

No. 5231
Limit: 90 €
MCM, shoulder bag, 3-cornered, brown/black, MCM No. C5288, long carrying strap, size-adjustable, magnetic clasp, inside lining is made of cognac-colored calf leather, stamped MCM, with original mirror, side pocket with zip, absolutely as good as new, 22 cm wide, 17 cm tall, unusual, original storage bag

No. 5232
Limit: 30 €
small evening bag, flower embroidery, complex worked handicrafts, pastel colors, gold chain as carrying strap, clasp closure, inside lining is made of white silk, large pocket, at the side 1 side slit, 20 cm wide, 15 cm tall, unusual

No. 5233
Limit: 40 €
BRUNO MAGLI, Made Italy, evening bag, fabric, unusual design, stamped, 1 carrying strap, with silver strengthening at the side, unterbuttert, magnetic press button, inside lining fabric, large pocket, at the side a bag with zip, 21 cm wide, 20 cm tall, nice original condition, as good as new

No. 5234
Limit: 60 €
ESCADA, Made in Italy, evening bag, suede leather, purple, chain carrying strap, silver, magnetic push button, inside lining is made of fabric, side pocket with zip, as good as new, nice unworn condition, 24 cm wide, 13 cm tall

No. 5235
Limit: 60 €
AIGNER, classic purse, paintwork/leather, brombeer/red, with Aigner stamped and emblem on the front side, 1 pocket on the outside, zip, inside fabric and emblem, marked Monich, side pocket with zip, condition: as good as new, 2 long shoulder straps, 28 cm wide, 25 cm tall, condition: as good as new, absolutely classical design
Hammerprice: 70,00 €

No. 5236
Limit: 40 €
JIL SANDER, carrier bag, olive, carrying strap with metal reinforcements at the side , stamped Jil Sander, 2 shoulder straps, inside lining made of black fabric, 3 large pockets, in the middle 2 pockets with zip, one side pocket at the side with zip, 26.5 cm tall, 26 cm wide, in original storage bag, minimaly traces of usage

No. 5237
Limit: 70 €
GOLDPFEIL, purse, shaped like a envelope, light blue leather, stamped, zip, inside lining is made of fabric, with Goldpfeil-motif, at the side 2 inside pockets, 1 x with zip, down below 4 feet, 38 cm wide, 16 cm tall, as good as new, on the front side the stamped Goldpfeil-emblem, in original small bag

No. 5238
Limit: 40 €
MANDARINA DUCK, ladylike classic purse, smooth grey leather, push button at the front side, shoulder strap, inside lining is made of fabric, 1x outside pocket with zip, inside a large pocket, with 2 side pockets, 1 zip, 21 cm tall, 28 cm wide, unworn condition, in a storage bag

No. 5239
Limit: 120 €
ESCADA, unusual purse, in snakeskin leather look, pressure lock with Escada stamping, inside lining is made of black fabric with side pocket and zip, Escada-emblem, Made in Italy, 2 shoulder straps, 31 cm wide, 25 cm tall, with 4 feets, in original storage bag, as good as new

No. 5240
Limit: 120 €
TOD`S, modern shopping bag, caramel colored leather, color-coordinated with bright seams, down below 4 feet, bulbous form, inside mustard colored soft calf leather, with side pocket, zip, cell phone case, card slots, 2 size-adjustable shoulder straps decorated with silver rings, 45 cm wide, 32 cm tall, original unused condition, in a storage bag
Hammerprice: 120,00 €

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