Autumn auction September 28/29, 2012
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Complete catalog (1953 items)


No. 4106
Limit: 60 €
dress for a c. 45 cm large Lady-doll, blouse with skirt, good condition
Hammerprice: 150,00 €

No. 4107
Limit: 90 €
mixed lot of dolls decoration pieces, box, 9 cm, shell bag, bag shpaed like an egg, sheet brass pearl bag, 1 pair of shoes, size 5 cm, small basket
Hammerprice: 200,00 €

No. 4108
Limit: 60 €
mixed lot of decoration pieces, small satchel, 7 cm, small mother-of-pearl-bag, notepad, pearl bag, Biedermeier bag, necklace for dolls
Hammerprice: 60,00 €

No. 4109
Limit: 60 €
leather gloves for dolls, for a tall French doll, with 1 doll umbrella, handle with a brass dog head
Hammerprice: 160,00 €

No. 4110
Limit: 320 €
FRANZ SCHMIDT & CO., 1257, 40X, character boy, full head, fix inset brown glass eyes, please note that it is risky to transport the eye mechanism, opened mouth, teeth and tongue, pierced nostrils, dimple at chin, toddler body, 50cm
Hammerprice: 800,00 €

No. 4111
Limit: 1200 €
STEINER, Kiki Steiner, machine, fix inset blue glass eyes, opened mouth, teeth, pierced ears, leather body, mass arms and legs, doll is moving the head, arms and legs, with voice, good condition
Hammerprice: 1200,00 €

No. 4112
Limit: 350 €
K & R, 117N, 65 cm, socket head, blue sleepy eyes, with Unart-mechanism, opened mouth, upperteeth, dimple at chin, toddler body, draw up knee joints, clothes old or sewed of old fabric, real hair wig
Hammerprice: 450,00 €

No. 4113
Limit: 160 €
3 pieces Kewpie, 12.5-14 cm, fix head, jointed arms and legs, 2 x closed mouth, 1 x opened/closed mouth
Hammerprice: 160,00 €

No. 4114
Limit: 120 €
AM, doll with colored head with flange neck, 42 cm, socket head, brown sleepy eyes, please note that it is risky to transport the eye mechanism, fabric body, mass arms and legs
Hammerprice: 150,00 €

No. 4115
Limit: 130 €
stick puppet, 45 cm, bisque shoulder headed doll, fix inset blue glass eyes, stick is loosely because of the faulty mechanism, old silk clothes
Hammerprice: 300,00 €

No. 4116
Limit: 60 €
papier mâché figure, 38 cm, fix inset blue glass eyes, closed mouth, fabric body, mass-arms, 1 x hand is break off, wooden legs, clothes, probably supplemented
Hammerprice: 180,00 €

No. 4117
Limit: 220 €
early sacred wooden doll, seat height 37 cm, very expressive head, painted eyes, pierced nostrils, slightly opened mouth, fine detailed ears, jointed body, with jointed wrists, lower legs and foots are missing, early, old painting, with chair
Hammerprice: 250,00 €

No. 4118
Limit: 40 €
small casket, paper stuck, decorated sheet brass, 1 bag for a big doll, 11 cm, 1 brass vase
Hammerprice: 100,00 €

No. 4119
Limit: 320 €
Mignonnette, France, 16 cm, socket head, fix inset blue glass eyes, closed mouth, jointed arms and legs, modelled shoes, nice original clothes and underwear
Hammerprice: 1900,00 €

No. 4120
Limit: 40 €
small doll cylinder, with a diameter of 5 cm-5,5 cm doll, 1 pair of children's gloves, 1 small brush, silver

No. 4121
Limit: 30 €
dog, wood, c. 1910, inkpot container, 21 cm, nice doll decoration
Hammerprice: 300,00 €

No. 4122
Limit: 80 €
skin dog, dachshund, 1909, 28 cm, the loss of felt is caused of old age, nice doll decoration, muzzle is loosely add
Hammerprice: 420,00 €

No. 4123
Limit: 1400 €
fashion doll, France, Mo, 55 cm, socket head, fix inset blue glass eyes, closed mouth, pierced ears, jointed body, with single stitched down fingers, slightly bent legs, old clothes, old underwear, old mohair wig
Hammerprice: 3700,00 €

No. 4124
Limit: 70 €
small doll umbrella, ivory handle, 31 cm, silk is caused of old age a little bit worn
Hammerprice: 90,00 €

No. 4125
Limit: 60 €
2 pairs of children's shoes, for a large doll, 10.5 cm, low shoe, nailed, 1 x leather boot, 12 cm
Hammerprice: 180,00 €

No. 4126
Limit: 40 €
2 pairs of children's shoes, with heel, around 1900, leather, 11.5 cm and 12 cm, one shoe of it is nailed, for a large doll
Hammerprice: 40,00 €

No. 4127
Limit: 40 €
make up bag, stamped leather, brass clasp, 14 cm wide, mirror glass inside is broken, for a tall doll, with 1 money box, Cassa
Hammerprice: 40,00 €

No. 4128
Limit: 40 €
mixed lot of dollhouse decoration pieces , small shell car, gilded brass, 8 cm, 1 pearl bag, some beads are worn, small mirror shaped like a casket, 1 hand mirror
Hammerprice: 100,00 €

No. 4129
Limit: 30 €
small baby hood, suitable for a large baby doll, in original box, with 1 box soap, Vienna, around 1900
Hammerprice: 100,00 €

No. 4130
Limit: 600 €
HEUBACH, Googly, marked 5 Germany, 10790, bisque socket head, big blue to the side looking sleepy eyes, mouth, with burn marks in porcelain, baby with sitting body, blond mohair wig, 29 cm
Hammerprice: 600,00 €

No. 4131
Limit: 1200 €
KESTNER, Googly, marked JDK 221, Germany, bisque socket head, blue circular to the side looking sleepy eyes, mouth, standing body, real hair wig, 35 cm, great expression
Hammerprice: 1200,00 €

No. 4132
Limit: 550 €
HERTEL, SCHWAB & CO, bisque full head-character baby, brown sleepy eyes, opened/closed mouth, tongue, 2 upper teeth, dimple at chin, slightly double chin, marked 5013, Chip at ear, firing crack behind the ear, baby with sitting body, with different postures of hands, stick out toe, 54 cm

No. 4133
Limit: 420 €
JDK, baby with bisque socket head, full head, marked Made in 18th Germany, brown sleepy eyes, opened mouth, 2 upper teeth, baby with sitting body, hands were probably painted over, 65 cm, old shoes
Hammerprice: 650,00 €

No. 4134
Limit: 220 €
MAX OSCAR ARNOLD, around 1920, character baby, marked MOA in a star 130, Made in Germany 0, bisque socket head, blue sleepy eyes, opened nodding mouth, 2 upper teeth, intimitated tongue, slightly stick out ears, crack at back of the head, baby with sitting body, over painted, 32 cm, mohair wig
Hammerprice: 220,00 €

No. 4135
Limit: 330 €
JDK, marked 211 Made in Germany 7, bisque socket head character baby, blue sleepy eyes, opened/closed mouth, intimitated tongue, baby with sitting body, 30 cm, old real hair wig, marked Gete Srisur trademark Germany 24, blond, hair loss

No. 4136
Limit: 330 €
bisque full head baby, brown painted eyes, opened/closed mouth, intimitated tongue, slightly modelled double chin, marked 1032

No. 4137
Limit: 190 €
AM, marked Germany, bisque full head, Asian, brown sleepy eyes, opened mouth, please note that it is risky to transport the eye mechanism, baby with sitting body, 31 cm
Hammerprice: 360,00 €

No. 4138
Limit: 240 €
KLEY & HAHN, marked Germany K & heigth 525, bisque full head character boy, blue sleepy eyes, opened/closed mouth, intimitated tongue, please note that it is risky to transport the eye mechanism, 33 cm, jointed body, old shoes, old clothes
Hammerprice: 500,00 €

No. 4139
Limit: 650 €
AM, marked A.18.M. Germany, bisque socket head, brown sleepy eyes, opened mouth, line of upper teeth, dimple at chin, with voice in head, function faulty, unusual jointed body, 1,0 m, used body, with some flake off mass parts, wig is more recent, exceptional size, brand on the head seam
Hammerprice: 850,00 €

No. 4140
Limit: 60 €
Trousseau, wood, metal fittings, 40.5 cm wide, 23 cm tall, with 1 child dress, lace, 1 hood, small basket, hat, silver rattle
Hammerprice: 70,00 €

No. 4141
Limit: 90 €
Trousseau, with insert, wood, metal fittings, 41 cm wide, 29 cm tall, hinges are faulty, with doll clothes, partially old, partially sewed of old fabric
Hammerprice: 110,00 €

No. 4142
Limit: 40 €
unusual umbrella for stroll, with fine modelled ivory handle, collapsible, black fine lace, partially a little bit worn, silk in good condition, nice doll decoration
Hammerprice: 40,00 €

No. 4143
Limit: 160 €
BIEDERMEIER, exceptional shoulder headed papier mâché doll, with appropiated hat, blue gemlate eyes, breast plate with a diameter of 6.5 cm, from shoulder to shoulder
Hammerprice: 650,00 €

No. 4144
Limit: 0 €
Frozen Charly, nudie, bathing doll, black painted hair, 33 cm, crochet dress is probably more recent
Hammerprice: 140,00 €

No. 4145
Limit: 260 €
SIMON & HALBIG, 1159, bisque socket head, blue sleepy eyes, opened mouth, teeth, dimple at chin, pierced ears, slim jointed body, with slight intimitated breasts, old shoes, clothes were sewed of old fabric, mohair wig is more recent
Hammerprice: 550,00 €

No. 4146
Limit: 60 €
all-bisque girl, marked 9558/3, fix head, to the side looking painted eyes, modelled hair, jointed arms and legs, modelled shoes and socks, thumb and 1 finger at one hand are break off
Hammerprice: 200,00 €

No. 4147
Limit: 60 €
2 dolls-umbrella for stroll, the end of the handle is made of ivory, nettle material, a little bit yellowed, lace 90 cm, with 1 umbrella for stroll, fine modelled ivory handle, the end is shaped like the head of a dog , with inset glass eyes, silk inside is worn, and outside too, 64 cm, unusual

No. 4148
Limit: 90 €
GOOGLY, bisque socket head, marked 950PN, blue big to the side looking sleepy eyes, closed mouth, standing mass body, crack between the eyes, old real hair wig, fix glued on, please note that it is risky to transport the eye mechanism, 18 cm
Hammerprice: 180,00 €

No. 4149
Limit: 1200 €
K & R, 114, bisque socket head doll, character boy, blue painted eyes, closed mouth, glue rests and wig pull at the top of head, a bit color is wear down on the right cheek, jointed body, 46 cm, old mohair wig, old clothes, old underwear and shoes
Hammerprice: 1800,00 €

No. 4150
Limit: 1200 €
SIMON & HALBIG, marked 1488, bisque socket head doll, the blue glass eyes were later fix inset, closed mouth, old real hair wig, some hair lost, jointed body, old shoes, old clothes, 30 cm, unusual

No. 4151
Limit: 60 €
GEBRÜDER HEUBACH, bisque figure, girl, on a fine modelled stool, lesend, white frills cap, fine modelled hair, blue Intaglio eyes, shirt, sock, 34 cm, marked trademark Dep.
Hammerprice: 130,00 €

No. 4152
Limit: 40 €
Piano-baby, all-bisque, marked Heubach Dep., blue Intaglio eyes, crawling, 15 cm long
Hammerprice: 50,00 €

No. 4153
Limit: 150 €
mixed lot of muschelkalk dolls, sitting, 10 cm, c. 7 pieces, with Chinese decoration pieces

No. 4154
Limit: 2600 €
K & R, 114, with glass eyes, marked K & R 114, 60 cm, blue sleepy eyes, closed mouth, bisque socket head, right cheek with places with worned color, closed mouth, dimple at chin, jointed body, formation of cracks at the right leg, old mohair wig, old leather boot, clothes were sewed of old fabric, exceptional size

No. 4155
Limit: 3900 €
K & R, exceptional doll with bisque socket head, 109, "Else", around 1910, blue painted eyes, closed mouth, jointed body, old underwear, old shoes, fine curly real hair wig, 34 cm, rare
Hammerprice: 4100,00 €

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