Special auction Sept 5, 2015 - Dolls & Toy Museum Heissl, Gmunden
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No. 260
Limit: 2800 €
Steiner J.N. Paris, pressed biscuit porcelain socket head, opened mouth, 2 rows of teeth, lever behind the ear is for moving the sleepy eyes, blue paperweight-eyes are made of enamel in porcelain frame, signed Steiner patent, blond mohair wig, Steiner jointed body with 10 joints, "slender finger ", earrings, coatdress, hat, leather shoes, height : 72 cm, around 1885
Hammerprice: 3700,00 €

No. 261
Limit: 1300 €
bisque socket head doll, Paris, opened mouth, upper teeth, blue fix paperweight eyes, strongly feathered brows, pierced ears, original mohair wig on cork cover, marked : EDEN-BÉBÉ/Paris/14, original French jointed body with 10 joints, very nice red original dress with decorated hat, underwear, trousers, stumps and brown leather shoes, in this size impressive and rare, height : 71 cm, around 1890, with colorwise suitable umbrella with ivory handle
Hammerprice: 2300,00 €

No. 262
Limit: 290 €
1079, Germany 16, bisque head doll, 85 cm, real hair wig, blue sleepy eyes, opened mouth, upper teeth, dimple at chin, pierced ears, jointed body, nice old clothes and underwear, shoes and socks, silk is caused of old age in worn condition
Hammerprice: 320,00 €

No. 263
Limit: 380 €
character boy, No. 236 the so-called "Lachende Jumeau", biscuit porcelain socket head, opened/closed mouth, 2 modelled upper teeth, brown sleepy eyes, bright biscuit porcelain, very fair mohair wig, original and undamaged sitting baby body, of composition, two-piece sailor suit with 4 gold buttons (anchor design), straw hat : "H.M.S. ALEXANDER", 30 cm, around 1916
Hammerprice: 380,00 €

No. 264
Limit: 450 €
"Gestiefelter Kater (Puss in Boots) ", knitting, French machine, without music, around 1890, cat, height : 35 cm, covered with pelt, glass eyes, modelled papier mâché boots, wind up mechanism with key and stop/go button at body, mechanism is intact, knitting motions with both hands, nice original condition
Hammerprice: 2000,00 €

No. 265
Limit: 370 €
skin dog machine based on patent from 10/4/1879, wind up mechanism with fix key at stomach of the dog, glass eyes, body and metal legs were coated with pelt, mechanism is intact, height : 17 cm, lenght : 23 cm, after 1880

No. 266
Limit: 8900 €
Long face, boy, socket head made of pressed biscuit porcelain, marked 15, exceptional copy, around 1885, the porcelain head and also the unused preserved jointed Jumeau body are in top quality, head and body are completely intact, large blue paperweight eyes, pierced ears with 1 ear jewellery, tasteful face painting, original cork cover and reddish mohair wig, separate modelled patched ears, blue body stamp at the torso-reverse, "Jumeau Medaille D'Or Paris", the original boy suit is made of light blue wild silk, signed leather shoes with double rosettes, this doll is a real dream, height : 83 cm, around 1885
Hammerprice: 12500,00 €

No. 267
Limit: 3200 €
bride and groom, biscuit porcelain-socket head on bisque-breast plate, No. 10 in the crank, patched pierced ears, closed mouth, portrait-face, white kid leather-body with stitched down fingers, bride and groom identical features, height : 63 cm, bride : blond mohair wig, pearl earrings, original-wedding dress in complex white silk with lace, white bead necklace and ermine, bridal veil, miniature-silver bag and original-mirror with leather bordure for better grip, richly underwear, groom : black mohair wig, black topper, fly and shirt in cream, tailcoat and waistcoat and also long trousers in black cotton, strong tapering fitted on body black patent leather shoes with clasp as the bride absolutely original-equipment, impressive rarity, around 1875
Hammerprice: 5700,00 €

No. 268
Limit: 260 €
Polichinelle, 47 cm, Biskuitkopf, fest eingesetzte braune Glasaugen, Stimme intakt, Orig.-Seidenanzug, altersbed. verschlissen, Klappmechanismus defekt
Hammerprice: 800,00 €

No. 269
Limit: 90 €
dresser, 49 cm, wood, with tiltable mirror, small corner of the bar is at the mirror bottom missing, nice doll decoration
Hammerprice: 180,00 €

No. 270
Limit: 1900 €
semi-automatic machine, with crank drive, for 10 movable objects and music. The room contains 2 sitting spectators with bisque crank heads and painted, unmovable wood bodies, 4 playing music dolls made of biscuit porcelain of French origin, rocking horse, dog and cat with ball, very nice version for the French market ! height : 28cm, lenght : 46cm, depth : 30 cm
Hammerprice: 1900,00 €

No. 271
Limit: 2900 €
splendid roundabout, two-storied, wood/cardboard, complex painted, covered with fabric, embroidered with beads, parapet is made of embossed paper, richly figures, very nice original condition, crack at the head of the point (SoR), is a museum piece, c. 1880, height : 80 cm, with a diameter of 58 cm, intact electric drive with a 220/250 volt engine, was afterwards fitted
Hammerprice: 5800,00 €

No. 272
Limit: 650 €
roundabout, 50 cm tall, varnished wood, with sledge and horses, 2 mass figures, 4 bisque dolls, outside lying belt drive, around 1900
Hammerprice: 650,00 €

No. 273
Limit: 160 €
dinner service, probably France, soup tureen, sauce boat, 2 bowls, 6 plates, with a diameter of 7 cm, cutlery, original box with multicolored lithographed cover picture
Hammerprice: 180,00 €

No. 274
Limit: 120 €
dollhouse wash set, 40 cm tall, can, washbasin, soap dish, bucket, ceramic-rack wood, nice doll decoration
Hammerprice: 300,00 €

No. 275
Limit: 160 €
small dollhouse room, furnished like a Japanese room, 29.5 cm wide, 18.5 cm tall, furnished, with accessories, partially exceptional, animals are made of ivory

No. 276
Limit: 80 €
bathing doll, Frozen Charly, 27 cm, enameled porcelain, fine modelled hair, slightly dark tinted face, blue painted eyes
Hammerprice: 90,00 €

No. 277
Limit: 60 €
all-bisque, Kewpie, marked : O´Neil, 18 cm, fix head, with to the side looking painted eyes, mouth, intimitated wings, jointed arms
Hammerprice: 250,00 €

No. 278
Limit: 650 €
S & H
rare lady doll, marked Dep 1159, 11-Germany the company was producing this lady head for the company Edmond Daspres/Paris, around 1900, expressive face, opened mouth, 4 teeth, fix blue Paperweight eyes with lower eyelash-ring, earlobe piercings with ear jewellery, wonderful mohair wig with pinned-up hairstyle, waisted jointed lady body that is very good preserved, clothes, underwear and white boots made of supple leather with heels, everything is original, bead necklace and brooch, around 1900, height : 71 cm
Hammerprice: 850,00 €

No. 279
Limit: 160 €
papier mâché, wax coated shoulder headed doll, probably KESTNER, 60 cm, blue fix inset glass eyes, closed mouth, real hair wig, fabric body, mass arms, the cracks at the breast plate are caused of old age, old clothes, old hood
Hammerprice: 240,00 €

No. 280
Limit: 260 €
Belton-type, early shoulder headed doll, Nauendorf/Thuringia, BéBé-head is turned to the side and made of fine bisque, marked 639-11, closed mouth, fix brown Paperweight eyes, colored brows, original blond mohair wig, pink coloured linen body with bisque forearms, the doll wears a very decorative white dress with embroydery, socks and shoes, original equipment, around 1880, 67 cm
Hammerprice: 420,00 €

No. 281
Limit: 120 €
bathing doll, Frozen Charly, enameled porcelain, 34 cm, blond fine modelled hair, blue painted eyes
Hammerprice: 130,00 €

No. 282
Limit: 120 €
bathing doll, Frozen Charly, 36 cm, blond fine modelled hair, blue painted eyes, body is delicate toned
Hammerprice: 130,00 €

No. 283
Limit: 120 €
bathing doll, Frozen Charly, enameled porcelain, 34 cm, light colored fine modelled hair, blue eyes
Hammerprice: 280,00 €

No. 284
Limit: 60 €
bathing doll, Frozen Charly, enameled porcelain, 30 cm, dark painted hair, brown painted eyes
Hammerprice: 95,00 €

No. 285
Limit: 90 €
bathing doll, Frozen Charly, enameled porcelain, 32 cm, blond fine modelled hair, blue painted eyes
Hammerprice: 140,00 €

No. 286
Limit: 90 €
bathing doll, Frozen Charly, enameled porcelain, dark modelled hair, brown painted eyes, 37 cm
Hammerprice: 180,00 €

No. 287
Limit: 120 €
bathing doll, Frozen Charly, blond fine modelled hair, blue painted eyes
Hammerprice: 130,00 €

No. 288
Limit: 90 €
ARMAND Marseilles
351/3 ½ K, biscuit porcelain baby, full head, 39 cm, socket head, painted hair, blue sleepy eyes, please note that it is risky to transport the eye mechanism, opened mouth, upper teeth, sitting baby body, with different postures of hands and slightly stick-out toe
Hammerprice: 90,00 €

No. 289
Limit: 450 €
steam engine, '30s, fix standing cylinder, boiler, brass polished, manometer, whistle, water level glass, with original burner, surface area 35 x 35 cm, boiler with a diameter of 8 cm, 4 pieces drive, drilling machine, 15.5 cm, wall saw 17 cm, mounted on a wood base, without saw blade, 1 grinding and polish machine, mounted on a wood base, 1 grinding machine, blue varnish, old Märklin symbol

No. 290
Limit: 160 €
6891 3, doll bisque head, 36 cm, socket head, Intaglio eyes, closed mouth, sitting baby body, with different postures of hands
Hammerprice: 200,00 €

No. 291
Limit: 900 €
Hampelchen, height : 44 cm, fabric head, 3 seams at the back of the head, loosely sewed on arms and legs, simple hand (rare), fine painting, very nice original condition, with only small worned places, very nice painting, original clothes, with picture from that period, 2 additional dresses, 1 KK-umbrella '30s
Hammerprice: 1200,00 €

No. 292
Limit: 90 €
skin dog as pajama container, height : 39 cm, glass eyes, swivel head, good condition
Hammerprice: 140,00 €

No. 293
Limit: 80 €
biscuit porcelain-Piano baby, height : 23 cm, modelled clothes, good condition
Hammerprice: 180,00 €

No. 294
Limit: 160 €
young, biscuit porcelain, height : 36 cm, fine modelled hair, painted eyes, slightly opened/closed mouth, modelled shirt, with oversized shoes
Hammerprice: 400,00 €

No. 295
Limit: 40 €
biscuit porcelain dog, height : 21 cm, along with it a small enameled porcelain pig, height : 11 cm
Hammerprice: 40,00 €

No. 296
Limit: 80 €
2 pieces dutchman girl with bucket, bisque, height : 11.5 cm and 12 cm

No. 297
Limit: 60 €
Trousseau, covered with leather, 26 cm, with some pieces of clothing, very good condition
Hammerprice: 180,00 €

No. 298
Limit: 160 €
skin dog, big greyhound, standing, legs are made of white felt on wood, white pelt, with black ears, opened snout, with teeth, rare decoration for a large fashion doll, height : 27 cm, around 1890, rare in this size
Hammerprice: 750,00 €

No. 299
Limit: 60 €
greyhound, standing, legs are made of white felt over wood, white pelt, with black ears, opened snout, lenght : 19 cm, decoration for a fashion doll
Hammerprice: 220,00 €

No. 300
Limit: 120 €
hare, height : 30 cm, pre-war era, with button, long stretched F, red wood wheels, mohair in good condition, voice is faulty
Hammerprice: 200,00 €

No. 301
Limit: 60 €
dollhouse meal set, tin, 3--part, plates with a diameter of 6 cm, bowls, bowl, 3 glasses, 2 place cards with accessories, mounted on original box
Hammerprice: 80,00 €

No. 302
Limit: 120 €
doll's secretary, 22.5 cm tall, 21 cm wide, with dish at the top that can be open, c. 1890, nice doll decoration
Hammerprice: 650,00 €

No. 303
Limit: 120 €
Papéterie, papier mâché casket, stamped, with doll letters, c. 1890, 11.5 cm
Hammerprice: 240,00 €

No. 304
Limit: 120 €
doll suitcase, covered with leather, stamped, metal fittings, 16 m, small hood, muff, richly decoration, small mirror, 1 bag, gilded brass
Hammerprice: 360,00 €

No. 305
Limit: 280 €
steamship, varnished sheet metal, 30 cm, 2 funnels, 2 lifeboats, 2 masts, clock mechanism is intact, nice original condition with small traces of usage, in box
Hammerprice: 330,00 €

No. 306
Limit: 1800 €
theatre dolls from France, small valuable miniatures with modelled and painted heads made of biscuit porcelain, the fabric body was stitched down to increase the flexibility, forearms and legs are made of bisque, complex and luxury worked costumes, suitable to the plays from the period around 1880 and earlier, height : 6-11 cm
Hammerprice: 1800,00 €

No. 307
Limit: 120 €
plane roundabout, WK, height : 29 cm, sheet metal, lithographed, with spiral wire drive, propeller is missing, otherwise good condition
Hammerprice: 120,00 €

No. 308
Limit: 60 €
3 sheet metal towers varnished by hand, age-old, without point, height : 10.5 cm
Hammerprice: 100,00 €

No. 309
Limit: 120 €
sheet metal house, sheet metal was soldered by hand, height : 23.5 cm, with 2 tin frogs

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