Toy auction March 29 and April 4/5, 2008
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No. 2306
Limit: 60 €
dollhouse accessories, 3 pictures with tin frame, 9.5 cm wide, 1 picture is torn, with 1 wall clock, tin, hand is missing

No. 2307
Limit: 60 €
dollhouse table, with birdcage, filigree tinwork, 12.5 cm, with 1 mirror with 2 candelabrums

No. 2308
Limit: 60 €
dollhouse decoration parts, tin holder, with carafe and 6 glasses, 5 cm in diameter, some glass parts, bottle, wine glasses, 3 plates with dishes

No. 2309
Limit: 40 €
mixed lot of dollhouse decoration parts, small calendar 1894, is a little bit fallinf apart, 1 calendar 1906, small wall telephone, without receiver, flower pot

No. 2310
Limit: 40 €
dollhouse decoration parts, work basket, tin, brush holder, felt, without brushes, small dollhouse picture, frame is made of gilded sheet brass, 1 lamp, tin, glass is knocked at the top, 7 cm

No. 2311
Limit: 40 €
tin wall holder, sponge, mirror, brush, 8 cm, with dustpan with brush

No. 2312
Limit: 90 €
dollhouse bathtub, tin, 18.5 cm, lion's paw feets, the scratches on the paintwork are caused of old age, with 1 washstand, sheet metal/tin, some porcelain parts, 1 dollhouse bisque doll, fix head, fix inset brown glass eyes, jointed arms and legs, 10 cm, original clothes

No. 2313
Limit: 40 €
dollhouse accessories, stove, tin, 14.5 cm, 1x painted over, with coal container, some tin parts, among them a wall figure 6 cm, gold varnished

No. 2314
Limit: 90 €
doll kitchen butter machine, 12.5 cm, handle was glued, middle gear wheel is worned, glass and beater in good condition

No. 2315
Limit: 180 €
dollhouse paraffin dispenser, handpainted tin, writing paraffin, cover with knob, glass with a crack in the back, otherwise very good condition, 10.5 cm, absolutely rare

No. 2316
Limit: 60 €
mixed lot tin, blue or blue/white enameled, among them rare lobster form, 16 cm, fish form, spoon holder, wall holder with jug, pans, sieve, plate, for a kitchen middle size, mostly good, partially with flaked off enamel parts that are caused of old age

No. 2317
Limit: 60 €
doll kitchen accessories, tinplate, 2 sieves, hot-water bottle, funnel, grater, 1 bowl with brass handles, petroleum can, 6.5 cm

No. 2318
Limit: 70 €
mixed lot of unusual doll kitchen parts, washing-up brush holder, 1 wall holder with ladles, lithographed tin, 7.5 cm, wall clock for a doll kitchen, tin, 5.5 cm, 1 spoon holder, tin, without spoon, small paraffin lamp, glass is knocked at the top, 9 cm

No. 2319
Limit: 180 €
dollkitchen stove, ceramic, 16 cm wide, 13 cm tall, with appropiate funnel, 2 original pots, 1 handles were supplemented, c. 1880, rare

No. 2320
Limit: 40 €
children sewing machine, German, pre-war era, with table, drawer is missing, motif: tailor is darning the trousers of a child, 17 cm long, used, 1 table leg is warped

No. 2321
Limit: 60 €
children sewing machine, heavy cast model, 17 cm, good condition

No. 2322
Limit: 120 €
early children sewing machine, casting, 15.5 cm tall, tin pieces are steamed up, used, good

No. 2323
Limit: 40 €
children sewing machine, heavy tin construction, pre-war era, 19.5 cm wide, used, good

No. 2324
Limit: 130 €
early children sewing machine, heavy cast model, golden art nouveau painting, 19.5 cm wide, tin pieces are slightly steamed up

No. 2325
Limit: 220 €
dollhouse kitchen, 67 cm wide, 35 cm tall, 48 cm deep, was retouched in color, wallpaper at floor was restored, furnished, accessories, porcelain, tin, and wooden parts

No. 2326
Limit: 60 €
mixed lot of doll kitchen parts, ceramic, 12 parts, with iron casting, with holder, insert is missing, some cutlery parts, handle ivory, coffee grinder, handpainted tin, goes with a big kitchen

No. 2327
Limit: 60 €
wall coffee grinder, 14.5 cm, the scratches on the paintwork are caused of old age, with some unusual tapestries, embroidered, among other texts "Rühre, rühre, 1, 2, 3, Butter, Zucker, Mehl u. Ei", 1 wood egg cupboard

No. 2328
Limit: 160 €
2-part doll kitchen, c. 1890, with pantry, 1.02 m wide, 38 cm tall, 38 cm deep, nice original painting, at wall and floor, some furniture parts, stove is a little bit more recent, with accessories, tin, wood, porcelain parts

No. 2329
Limit: 50 €
2-parts dollhouse case, 77 cm wide, 33.5 cm tall, 51 cm deep, 3 windows, original wallpaper at wall and floor, wallpaper is partially a little bit worn, around 1900

No. 2330
Limit: 280 €
13 parts theater figures (stick puppets), probably ERZGEBIRGE, early, c. 1860, 11.5 cm, mass heads, wood/wire body, clothes are more recent, mediaeval representations, unusual

No. 2331
Limit: 180 €
"Der kleine Zauberer", original box, with multicolored lithographed cover picture, richly conjuring equipment, probably as far as possible complete, without game guidance, good condition, around 1900, 51.5 cm by 31 cm

No. 2332
Limit: 50 €
dollhouse 7-armed candelabrum, for a manorial room, 12 cm tall, marked Germany

No. 2333
Limit: 160 €
dollhouse furniture program, pear tree, living-room and bedroom, pull-out table, sideboard, height 21 cm, washstand with marble top, 4 chairs, 1 rocking chair, bedroom wardrobe is mirrored, 1 beside locker, 1 sewing table with accessories

No. 2334
Limit: 120 €
6-armed dollhouse chandelier, gilded sheet brass, 1 glass is missing, total height 11 cm

No. 2335
Limit: 350 €
dollhouse kitchen, around 1910, 1.08m wide, 53 cm deep, 54 cm tall, in the back 2 windows, furnished, with stove, richly accessories, porcelain, ceramic, tin pieces enameled, doll will be separate auctioneered, old wallpaper, floor painting was 1x restored

No. 2336
Limit: 120 €
dollhouse doll, housekeeper, 26 cm, bisque shoulder headed, bisque arms and legs, fabric body, nice original clothes, fine modelled der hair, nice decoration for a doll kitchen

No. 2337
Limit: 280 €
dollhouse kitchen, 71 cm wide, 21 cm tall, 37 cm deep, old floor painting, with stove, richly accessories, tin, ceramic, porcelain parts

No. 2338
Limit: 280 €
2-part dollhouse, 75 cm wide, 31 cm tall, 41 cm deep, c. 1920, with passage door, partially old wallpaper, wallpaper at floor in bedroom is more recent, furnished, richly accessories, porcelain, tin and wooden parts, some dolls

No. 2339
Limit: 360 €
2-part dollhouse, around 1910, 41 cm tall, 93 cm wide, 38 cm deep, furnished, richly accessories. porcelain, glass parts, 1 table gilded sheet brass, small all-bisque doll, boy, old wallpaper at wall and floor, with some water stains

No. 2340
Limit: 260 €
shop, furnished like a general store, around 1900, 74 cm wide, 35 cm deep, drawers with porcelain signs, at the side stairs, mid shelf was supplemented, shopwindow is missing, old wallpaper at floor (worn), wallpaper is more recent, with accessories, porcelain and tin pieces

No. 2341
Limit: 160 €
big dollkitchen stove, with oven at the top, tin, plumber work, c. 1910, 46 cm wide, 51 cm tall, with accessories, a little bit retouched in color

No. 2342
Limit: 120 €
altar for children, around 1900, with picture of the Madonna, wood, 55 cm wide, 52 cm tall

No. 2343
Limit: 60 €
dollhouse doll, man, c. 1910, 19 cm, bisque shoulder headed, arms and legs, fabric body, clothes were sewed of old fabric

No. 2344
Limit: 90 €
dollhouse doll, housekeeper, bisque shoulder headed, arms and legs, fabric body, original clothes, 16 cm, good condition

No. 2345
Limit: 60 €
dollhouse doll grandmother, bisque shoulder headed, arms and legs, fabric body, 17.5 cm, clothes were sewed of old fabric, color of the feet is strongly washed off

No. 2346
Limit: 350 €
OTTO MAIER, Ravensburg dollhouse, living room, fretwork, worked like a house, at the side windows, exit, in the back oriel with windows, intimitated leaded windows, wood/paper, paper is at some places damaged, complex worked marquetry at the floor, furnished, with original furnitures, oval ceiling ornament, at the side stairs upwards, around 1900, 80 cm wide, 74 cm tall, 48 cm deep

No. 2347
Limit: 180 €
semi-automatic machine, probably 60's, wood, organ grinder, with music mechanism, 22 cm tall

No. 2348
Limit: 550 €
O. MAYSER game guidance, modell paper for making a dollhouse, portfolio with multicolored lithographed cover picture, around 1900, rare

No. 2349
Limit: 1200 €
OTTO MAIER, Ravensburg dollhouse, surface area 92 by 70 cm, 67 cm tall, from all around, facades and window parts can be opened or are removable, inside realistically worked doors, partially original wallpaper, partially old wallpaper, new decorated, 8 rooms, staircase to the terrace at roof, with upstairs shed

No. 2350
Limit: 20 €
bathroom, tin, was new over painted, with washbasin, mirror, towel rack and bathtub

No. 2351
Limit: 80 €
1 dollhouse, lithographed tin, 13 cm wide, with living-room suite, goes as a playroom in a larger room

No. 2352
Limit: 220 €
dollhouse stove, around 1900, 22 cm wide, 24 cm tall, water vessel, 2 pots, can, 1 pot isn't original, tap at water vessel is missing, with burner, nice size, for a middle-sized kitchen

No. 2353
Limit: 80 €
mixed lot of doll kitchen parts, brass water vessel, 8 cm, some cutlery parts, 1 tinplate sieve, turned handle, brass kettle, bowl, flour box, dutchman motive

No. 2354
Limit: 20 €
dollhouse bathtub, with brass faucet, varnished tin, with edge of gold, 20 c, inclusive tap

No. 2355
Limit: 120 €
small writing things with calendar, 1911, miniature postcards, books, writing things, 11.5 cm wide, unusual

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