Special Auction Collection from Austria (197 items)

No. 3501
Limit: 90 €
pompous rattle, massive, silver handle, elaborate, heavy handiwork, probably England, 3 bells, originally probably 6 on a complex ornament, handle with the company logo, height: 18 cm, 1930-40
Hammerprice: 160,00 €

No. 3502
Limit: 240 €

baby Stewart, the so-called hood doll, is because of her removable hood very rare, around 1912, cut out bisque porcelain socket head for placing  the extra cast hood, in the hood are 2 holes for the ribbon for fixing, closed mouth, blue sleepy eyes, very detailed roses painting, and facial contours, marked HEUBACH Sonne, 79753 Germany, 5-part baby mass body with different leg postures, original christening robe, around 1912, height: 28 cm, small chip at the hood
Hammerprice: 800,00 €

No. 3503
Limit: 40 €
early picnic basket, France, the 2 covers can be open, with clasp, 1 circular handle, nice basket-work, sizes without handle: lenght: 11 cm, width: 7 cm, height: 7 cm
Hammerprice: 70,00 €

No. 3504
Limit: 60 €
umbrella for stroll, for dolls, France around 1870, for ladies or for big dolls, ribs and handle, fine carved, printed silk covering, with small traces of usage, resp. 1 patch, otherwise very nice condition, height: 58 cm, 1x white silk shoes by the company Emille Jumeau, Bienenmarke around Paris, Deposé No. 10,in the light brown leather sole, 2 metal buttons, very good condition
Hammerprice: 240,00 €

No. 3505
Limit: 60 €
doll's umbrella for stroll, around 1870, very decorative folding umbrella for a multicolored Trousseau or an early Bébé from the 19th century, wood linkage with lace, metal linkage, brown silk moiré cover, inside  silk lining, colored silk fibers, very good condition, 48 cm
Hammerprice: 70,00 €

No. 3506
Limit: 220 €
art nouveau-sofa and velvet chair on a softwood body, around 1910, wine-red silk-velvet-cover, partially slightly used, back is partially mirrored, pillow rolls with metal applications, unusual, lenght: 32 cm, height: 27 cm, chair height: 22 cm, decorative

No. 3507
Limit: 750 €

Bébé, Paris, around 1890, bisque porcelain socket head, marked J. STEINER B.W. te, F.D.G. Paris, Fre A 11, closed mouth, fix, blue paperweight eyes, pierced ears, original papier mâché cork cover, with reddish blond mohair wig, jointed body with jointed wrists, marked STEINER ink stamp in  the hip, rose striped original cotton dress with hat, and monogrammed underwear, original, brown mesh socks, brown French "CP" marked leather boot, 46 cm
Hammerprice: 2800,00 €

No. 3508
Limit: 1500 €

Paris, Bébé, around 1891, brown bisque porcelain socket head, engraving Bébé Tête Deposé, underneath No. 6 1891, produced by the company DANEL & CIE as so called Bébé Solei, closed coral-red mouth, with contour lines, brown paperweight eyes, gentle eyelash-ring, feathered black brows, burn defect at of the top of head, original cork cover, removable, type-specific curly mohair wig, pierced ears with ear jewellery, body with original metal spring drive, fixture of the head is made of turned wood, jointed body  without damage and with jointed wrists, stamped  at the back with the Eiffel Tower, only weakly recognizable, clothes with underwear, Bébé-brooch and white leather boots, height: 38 cm (the original-DANEL-Bébé was from 1891 only for 2 years manufactured, after that by Emille Jumeau)
Hammerprice: 4900,00 €

No. 3509
Limit: 45 €
doll's umbrella for stroll, France around 1880-90, metal point on a wood stick, knob is skilful carved, with rose petal ornament, probably glued, cotton printed  with roses , cover with lace, height: 38 cm
Hammerprice: 400,00 €

No. 3510
Limit: 1200 €

doll No. 1, around 1915-20, early fabric head with 3 clearly visible seams at the back of the head, painted blond hairstyle, painted blue eyes, with points of light, black eyelid line and iris, original linen body, loosely stitched down arms, separate sewed on thumb, broad hip, under the left foot, sole is blue stamped, KÄTHE KRUSE and pencil written No. H714, original clothes, little hat, unrestored, top preserved original condition, 43 cm, at head with glue rests, with orig. ball
Hammerprice: 2500,00 €

No. 3511
Limit: 550 €

bisque porcelain socket head, marked K * R, Simon & HALBIG, below it 117 30, around 1911, closed mouth, brown sleepy eyes with real hair lashes, plait wig made of blond mohair on cardboard, K&R jointed body with jointed wrists, probably original clothes, black velvet with glass beads ornament, underwear, suitable hood, very nice original condition, 30 cm
Hammerprice: 1400,00 €

No. 3512
Limit: 45 €
doll's straw hat with flower-velvet-decor, elegant flat straw hat, with appliquéd blue silk rep and fabric flowers, diameter: 20 cm, around 1900
Hammerprice: 100,00 €

No. 3513
Limit: 60 €
ermine set, for a French Bébé or for a Fashion-Doll with suitable muff, around 1890, inside lining made of silk, caused of old age partially worn, , original silk cords, 6x6 cm, cape 20 cm
Hammerprice: 220,00 €

No. 3514
Limit: 90 €
French living-room suite made of decorative mesh, 2 chairs, 1 bench, manufacturing work, accessories for a middle sized Bébé or for a fashion doll, around 1860 - 90, detailed, "En Miniature", partially slightly used, seat height: 10 cm, bench width: 23 cm, width of chair 15 cm

No. 3515
Limit: 80 €

bisque porcelain character-baby, all-bisque porcelain, jointed arms and legs, different leg posture, opened/closed mouth, painted, blue eyes, nice face painting, left thighs with small flake off parts, height: 20 cm, around 1912

No. 3516
Limit: 750 €

227-Societe Frabrication de Bébé & Jouets, from 1910, bisque porcelain crank full head, with slightly modeled and painted hair, opened mouth, with 6 upper teeth, very expressive modelled face, smiling character boy, fix blue diamond eyes in thin eye sockets, marked SFBJ 227 Paris 8, unused SFBJ jointed body, with 10 joints and jointed hands, white original boy's underwear, original multicolored sailors ensemble, with cap, knitted stripy socks, leather shoes, 55 cm
Hammerprice: 1500,00 €

No. 3517
Limit: 180 €

Bulldog, machine, metal body with spring drive, drawn up the French Bulldog is turning the head from left and to the  right and the legs with the metal rolls are walking forward, 2-colored suede leather cover, slightly used, leather collar and chest harness decorated with metal, in original condition, brown glass eyes, wind-up key is available,the mechanism was strongly drawn up, that is why it doesn't run at the moment, lenght: 27 cm, height: 22 cm,
Hammerprice: 1000,00 €

No. 3518
Limit: 1400 €

Bébé MASCOTTE L, Paris around 1890, pressed bisque porcelain-socket head with signature in the neck MASCOTTE 11, at the back of the head, fix inset blue almond-shaped paperweight eyes, fine tint at the eyelids, slight dimple at chin, closed mouth, with sweeping contour, pierced ears, blond original mohair wig, cork cover, chinless, original jointed body with jointed wrists, at the loins red signed with Bébé MASCOTTE Paris, nice old clothes, socks and old leather shoes, size 12 with Jumeau brand, hat and colored   feather ornaments, 70 cm, very expressive
Hammerprice: 5400,00 €

No. 3519
Limit: 3200 €

French, dark-skinned, Paris, Bébé, around 1891, black bisque porcelain socket head, with engraving Bébé Tête Deposé 10, was in 1891 produced in Paris by the  company DANEL & CIE, as so called Bébé-Solei, Sep 9th 1891 by Guepratte Jean-Marie, manager of the production, registered, the especialness of this Bébés is  the jointed body, that was manufactured  of wood, with movable hands, closed mouth, brown, almond-shaped paperweight eyes, pierced ears, coral-red lips, and slightly reddish nostrils, black, more recent frizz mohair-wig, on the original cork cover, several old clothes and original box with the No. 10, very rare and a highlight of the collection that was arranged with love, 55 cm
Hammerprice: 4500,00 €

No. 3520
Limit: 180 €

from 1909 the company SCHNEEGASS in Waltershausen was beside jointed dolls  also interested in the production of doll's furniture, fine living room made of light cherrywood, very nice turnery, gold edging ornament, painted doors at the corner cabinet, without damage, in original box, mirrored wardrobe height: 17 cm, and the corner cabinet 16 cm, sofa, lenght: 14 cm, chairs and sofa are upholstered with gentle turquoise silk
Hammerprice: 420,00 €

No. 3521
Limit: 850 €

Circle Dot, French Bébé, Paris, around 1880, complete, original kid leather body with brown colored breast plate and hands made of bisque porcelain, for an ethnic dark Circle Dot BRUE, with the size engraving 4, on the height  of the left arm hole and Deposé at the lower front edge of the breast plate, of the company L.C. BRU, only produced  from 1879 -till 1883, this extremely rare item is in best condition, height: 32 cm, neck pan diameter: 4 cm
Hammerprice: 850,00 €

No. 3522
Limit: 80 €
doll bodice, France, around 1880, detail-faithful miniature, production one of the Ladies' bodice from the Parisian era between 1860 and 1860, as well as fabric, lace, metal, eyes and metal back rail are faithful, height: c. 16 cm, width: 14 cm, diameter: 12 cm
Hammerprice: 180,00 €

No. 3523
Limit: 1200 €

Paris, around 1885, bisque porcelain socket head, Tête Jumeau, with the red stamp signature Déposé Tête Jumeau, Wte. F.G.D.G. 10, at the back of the head, closed mouth with subtle space, fine face painting, fix, blue paperweight eyes, pierced ears with ear jewellery, original, blond, mohair wig, on a cork cover, JUEMAU jointed body with jointed wrists, gem, medal D´Or Paris, at the back, very good preserved dress made of old silk with lace and the corresponding little Bébé hat, three layer underwear with lace and embroydery, knee socks and with leather shoes signed  with  the girls-brand , beautiful condition, 54 cm, very expressive

No. 3524
Limit: 160 €
Petite Amoire, equipment for a French Bébé, around 1900, lovely cabinet made of wood, richly decorated with handcarved ornaments, 2 doors can be open, with decorative fabrics, equipped with lace and garlands, original bale of cloth, height: 40 cm, width: 26 cm
Hammerprice: 550,00 €

No. 3525
Limit: 45 €
doll chair, France, around 1880-1890, chair made of turned hardwood, with wicker as seat, very good condition, mesh not damaged, ideal as accessory for a middle sized Bébé, height: 35 cm
Hammerprice: 45,00 €

No. 3526
Limit: 220 €

around 1915, Our Fairy, all-bisque-dolls, for company Louis Wolf, especially manufactured for the American market, fix head, body and closed legs, in 1 piece, jointed arms, at back marked 2222 22, opened/closed mouth, fine modeled cheeks, with 2 modeled upper teeth, blue sleepy eyes, funny expression, original blond mohair wig, original dress with knitted hood, original condition, 22 cm, very expressive
Hammerprice: 390,00 €

No. 3527
Limit: 130 €

all-bisque baby, in a egg, bisque porcelain baby, head and neck stick out of the egg, only the right hand with the extended forefinger is visible, lovely expression with opened/closed mouth, Intaglio-eyes, blue painted, with points of light, modelled blond dyed hair, opened reverse as candy-container (usable as secret compartment), height: 16 cm, diameter: 12 cm, around 1915
Hammerprice: 140,00 €

No. 3528
Limit: 260 €
Doberman as pull game and doll's accessory, fix body is made of papier mâché with skin look, in dark and light brown, decoration at head and neck made of leather and metal, and leather lead and 4 wheels with metal spokes at the legs, 17 x 17 cm, c. around 1880
Hammerprice: 550,00 €

No. 3529
Limit: 60 €
miniature library, 36 volumes by W. Shakespeare, library made of wood, extra made for 36 miniature volumes by W. Shakespeare, publisher of this complete edition in English was Elliot Newspapers, London, printed in Scotland, around 1900, original and without damage, site: 22.5 x 20 x 7 cm, volume 5x3.5
Hammerprice: 500,00 €

No. 3530
Limit: 240 €

Paris, around 1913, character boy, bisque porcelain socket head, full head with engraving SFBJ 237 Paris 4, opened mouth, with 4 upper teeth , fix, brown so called diamond eyes, modeled hair, 10-fold jointed Toddler-body, with jointed hands, 2-part outfit, probably slightly more recent, oilcloth shoes, 32 cm, head with a little bit  dust, little colorwise worn place on the tip of the nose, and at the right hand, small finger is knocked, colorwise slightly bleached out
Hammerprice: 550,00 €

No. 3531
Limit: 1800 €

Jewish Paris Bébé, around 1892, interesting and rare French bisque porcelain socket head doll, at the back of the head with a red stamped signature Bébé Tête Deposé No. 9, closed mouth, fix, brown paperweight eyes, firing crack in the corner of the eye right, feathered eyebrows, pierced ears, dark-brown real hair wig on a cork cover, without damage original DANEL-jointed body, with very nice shaped jointed hands, original clothes and leather shoes, without damage in original condition, in the sales box from 1892, height: 53 cm
Hammerprice: 2100,00 €

No. 3532
Limit: 900 €

around 1885, the marking AT is caused by the similarity to the head of a French Bébé, A. Thuillier, bright bisque porcelain socket head, with engraving number 9 at back of the head, slightly opened/closed mouth with contours, brown sleepy eyes, plaster cover, original blond mohair wig, original early KESTNER jointed body with loose balls and fix wrists, very good preserved, white/blue spotted cotton dress, underwear and leather shoes, very nice original condition, 37 cm
Hammerprice: 2900,00 €

No. 3534
Limit: 80 €
Googly, solid wax, with wig, stiff jointed head and -body, painted features, blue to the side looking eyes, with real hair-wig on a full head, arms are moveable by anelastic band , painted shoes, standing on a platform, 18 cm

No. 3535
Limit: 80 €

Peny-Toy, double-decker bus, c. 1910, 11.5 cm, lithographed sheet metal, with driver figure, clock mechanism is intact, good condition
Hammerprice: 450,00 €

No. 3536
Limit: 2200 €

French Bébé, Paris around 1887, bisque porcelain socket head, marked Paris No. 8 as size declaration, below it this Bébé with the very big eye sockets for the sparkling blue paperweight eyes, closed mouth, with suggested line of upper teeth, slightly violet eye shadow, eyes are extremely expressive, dark-brown brows, pierced ears, light blonde mohair wig on an original cork cover, very good preserved French jointed body with jointed wrists, original clothes, apricot-colored, set with lace, many underwear, bright leather shoes, 48 cm, with Paris Bébé box, long fine swung fingers
Hammerprice: 2500,00 €

No. 3537
Limit: 2200 €

French Bébé, Paris, around 1890, bisque porcelain socket head, marked BRU JEUNE 8, at theb back of the head, with suction mechanism, mounted on a Jumeau jointed body with jointed wrists, o-shaped mouth opening, for drinking, fix inset brown  paperweight eyes, pierced ears, light brown real hair wig, fine, bright porcelain, very nice modeled, laced boots made of leather, 48 cm
Hammerprice: 2200,00 €

No. 3538
Limit: 850 €

unusual portrait doll, bisque porcelai -full head, modelled nose, brown Intaglio-eyes, schnauzer, very nice fine modelled, SONNEBERG, around 1898, Admiral Dewey, the victorious commander of the US-Navy fleet in the Japanese / Spanish sea war in front of Manila, at this time he was so famous that a portrait doll for the American market was produced in Germany, 5-part complete jointed body, excellent preserved, officer uniform  made of black felt, with metal buttons, belt, sword, suitable headpiece, 36 cm, rare, unusual
Hammerprice: 850,00 €

No. 3539
Limit: 180 €
dollhouse doll, elegant gentleman with walking cane, around 1890, bisque porcelain shoulder headed doll, with modeled hair and sideburns, painted features, fabric body, arms and legs bisque, modelled boots, tailcoat, stick with horse knob, made of tin, height: 16.5 cm
Hammerprice: 950,00 €

No. 3540
Limit: 220 €

glass cabinet, Biberacher sheet metal, around 1860, 2 doors can be open, nice original condition, height 15 cm, reverse is mirrored, very good condition
Hammerprice: 600,00 €

No. 3541
Limit: 160 €
Boulle dollhouse secretary, around 1900, with golden Boulle ornaments, top with doors and fan, writing desk with drawers that can be open, very nice original condition, 11.5 x 12 cm
Hammerprice: 180,00 €

No. 3542
Limit: 220 €

miniature theater figures, Paris, around 1877, very popular Parisian miniature theater figures, shoulder headed doll, arms and legs, bisque porcelain, mohair wig, pompous dresses, velvet, silk, 10-12 cm, 3 pieces

No. 3543
Limit: 160 €
dollhouse lady, early, lady with bisque porcelain shoulder head, on a fabric body, carved wood joints, multilayered original clothes, with little hat, 13 cm, modelled brown hair, blue painted eyes, very fine
Hammerprice: 650,00 €

No. 3544
Limit: 160 €
dollhouse-lady, early, petite dollhouse shoulder headed doll, painted features, blond hair, fabric body, bisque arms and legs, modelled shoes and socks, 1 lower leg was glued, blue painted eyes, fine modelled, blond hairstyle, print silk dress, probably original, rare, height: 13 cm
Hammerprice: 360,00 €

No. 3545
Limit: 60 €
the child Jesus, made of wax in the wood crib, the child Jesus is made of solid wax, tiny glass eyes, tasteful face painting, in a moss bed, 11 cm

No. 3546
Limit: 60 €
3 sheeps with mini gingerbread set, 2 pieces wool sheeps, 1x ram with sheet metal horns, 6 cm, 1x bisque sheep, 2 cm, 1 piece gingerbread set in a lithographed paper box, filigree produced, 4x 2.5 cm
Hammerprice: 120,00 €

No. 3547
Limit: 80 €
dollhouse decoration part, christmas tree, with snow, rare small tree made of green pressed cardboard, with artificial snow, small mirror glass balls with wire fixation and fairy hair and DRESDEN silver stond, tree topper, 20 cm
Hammerprice: 160,00 €

No. 3548
Limit: 80 €
dollhouse christmas tree with leonic wires, green pressed cardboard, base made of pressed wood, mirror glass, leonic wires, decoration, 18.5 cm

No. 3549
Limit: 45 €
christmas tree on a wood base, dollhouse decoration part, Christmas tree decoration made of wax candles, mirror glass balls, toy, leonic wires, 25 cm
Hammerprice: 100,00 €

No. 3550
Limit: 120 €

small dollhouse pram, around 1910, tin car with 4 tin wheels, painted, conceal made of fabric, inner padding, turned handle, 7.5 cm, all-bisque dolls, dressed, good condition, nice accessory for a big dollhouse, lenght: 12 cm, convertible top with patches of rust
Hammerprice: 120,00 €

No. 3551
Limit: 160 €
wax doll, around 1875, rare miniature wax doll, from a German production, wax shoulder headed  doll with closed mouth, fix glass eyes, light blonde mohair wig, fabric body, solid wax arms, fingers are break off, fabric body, solid wax legs, socks, leather shoes, height: 18 cm, tip of the nose is caused of old age in worn condition, old clothes
Hammerprice: 180,00 €

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