Autumn Auction 2020
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No. 1684
Limit: 190 €

lamp with mast of laticework, blue, with hoist for glass candelabra, light up with candles

No. 1686
Limit: 90 €

lamp with mast of laticework with hoist, for a frosted glass candelabra, electrical, with small scratches on the paintwork, good condition

No. 1688
Limit: 120 €

semaphore with spirit lamp and panes, 33 cm, used, good

No. 1689
Limit: 70 €

small semaphore, 24 cm, with small scratches on the paintwork, good condition

No. 1695
Limit: 150 €

flagpole with original fabric flag, slightly used, good

No. 1696
Limit: 1200 €

track 1, tow-tender-locomotive, 2B, EM1021, with 3-axled tender, partially slightly bleached out, visually good condition, clock mechanism is intact, 1 front lamp is missing

No. 2012
Limit: 160 €
exceptional dollhouse casing, possibly the top one of the house, width: 73 cm, height: 53 cm, 1 room, doorframes, windows, balcony, small tower and oriel, and gutter made of sheet metal , probably ROCK & GRANER BIBERACHER sheet metal, old wallpapers, possibly once  inside with dividing wall because of the different wallpapers, unusual

No. 2020
Limit: 50 €
card game, "Jeu du Dain Jaune", France, 48 playing cards, pieces, original box, with game guidance, playing card with taxmark, good condition

No. 2025
Limit: 40 €
picture book, France, "ABC de Tante Sophie" by J. Huber, Editeur Frauenfeld, condition 2, along with it a textbook, France, condition 2

No. 2031
Limit: 60 €
3 pieces, papier mâché hats, height: 3 cm, for small dolls, or a big hat or fashion shop

No. 2032
Limit: 60 €

little smoking man, 20 cm, colored  wood

No. 2033
Limit: 40 €
wafer pictures able to set up, 5 animals, 1 child, 16-22 cm, mostly good condition

No. 2040
Limit: 30 €
dollhouse wall clock, height without pendulum 8 cm, some parts made of aluminum, among it a preserving pot

No. 2051
Limit: 380 €
2-part dollhouse room, c. 1910, width: 76 cm, height: 31 cm, depth: 40 cm, furnished, richly accessories, with dolls, decorative

No. 2081
Limit: 90 €

Humpty Dumpty, circus animal donkey, long leather ears, painted eyes, jointed head and legs, lenght: 21 cm, height: 16 cm, except of small worn places in good condition

No. 2113
Limit: 260 €
dollhouse kitchen, width: 72 cm, height: 44 cm, richly, partially high-quality accessories, small spice box, spice doses, ROCK & GRANER coffee grinder, tin, porcelain, copper and tin pieces, painting is more recent

No. 2145
Limit: 380 €
dollhouse kitchen, c. 1880, width: 47 cm, height: 34 cm, depth: 40 cm, fix fitted shelves, exceptional painting, richly, partially high-quality accessories, with stove

No. 2159
Limit: 90 €
exceptional shop till made of sheet metal, handpainted, height: 13.5 cm, for a big stately shop or stall, very good condition, unusual

No. 2160
Limit: 180 €
wood-doll, head and torso are  carved of one piece, fine formed hair, beard, uncovered ears, fabric upper arms and upper legs, wood arms and legs, original clothes, caused of old age slightly worn, 23 cm, possibly as seller for a shop

No. 2205
Limit: 360 €
2-part dollhouse room, width: 91 cm, height: 43 cm, depth: 43.5 cm, paneled, wallpapers are probably more recent, passage door, GOTTSCHALK bedroom furniture, 2 beds probably Märklin, sheet metal, handpainted

No. 2207
Limit: 450 €
stately shop, width: 21 cm, height: 56 cm, drawers, shelves, doors at the side to the back, from front and back playable, with accessories, c. 1890

No. 2208
Limit: 750 €
kitchen with chimney hood, width: 112 cm, height: 50 cm, depth: 57.5 cm, fix fitted shelves, cupboards, corner cupboard, original chimney hood, original painting at wall and floor, richly accessories, sheet metal, copper, brass, porcelain, ceramic, tin, is a museum piece

No. 2214
Limit: 90 €
dollhouse furniture program, bedroom, 2 beds, 13.5 cm, cabinet, mirror bureau, nightstands, accessories

No. 2219
Limit: 480 €
dollhouse house, in front playable, at the side windows, passage doors, kitchen, staircase, 2 rooms, height: 108 cm, width: 102 cm, depth: 43.5 cm, wallpaper older, floor painting was possibly freshened up, furnished, richly accessories, stuck with lithographed paper outside, exit down below at the side, roof can be open at the top

No. 2225
Limit: 90 €
2 Biedermeier chairs, height: 10 cm, 1 chair, around 1900, cotton wool, ERHARD & SÖHNE, gilded sheet brass , small porcelain dog, tin frames with bisque picture, 1 lamp, LAUSCHA

No. 2232
Limit: 650 €
New Following Dollhouse, Mc Loughling Brothers New York, house construction set for set up, stuck with multicolored lithographed paper , original box, around 1900, height: 40 cm, with manual, front can be fold up, inside playable

No. 2237
Limit: 190 €
dollhouse kitchen, 1925, width: 69 cm, height: 28.5 cm, original wallpaper at wall and floor, furnished, with stove, Märklin, without burner, richly accessories, with dolls, Art Deco

No. 2256
Limit: 120 €
dollhouse house, colored  doors and shutters, otherwise stuck with multicolored lithographed paper, height: 55 cm, width: 32 cm

No. 2270
Limit: 80 €

shepherd scene, mass, flock coated sheeps, 1 lying shepherd, 10 cm, Luffa-trees

No. 2278
Limit: 180 €
"Der kl. Zauberlehrer" conjuring set, original box, probably as far as possible complete, without game guidance, box with multicolored lithographed cover picture, around 1900

No. 2280
Limit: 50 €
game of dice, c. 1910, wooden box, 41.5x30.5 cm, multicolored lithographed cover picture

No. 2281
Limit: 160 €
Slovenly Peter clock, height: 56 cm, probably '20s, wood with jointed Slovenly Peter figure, figure glued, good condition

No. 2284
Limit: 360 €
dollhouse kitchen, width: 74.5 cm, height: 40 cm, depth: 41 cm, furnished, richly accessories, with stove, old painting inside, old floor covering, linoleum, paint outside is more recent

No. 2291
Limit: 50 €
construction kit, Münchner Kindl, wooden construction kit with manual, probably as far as possible complete, completeness wasn't checked

No. 2298
Limit: 80 €
barrel with dog, metal casting, 6 cm, flounder, lobster, mass, 2 tin cans, cheese wedge, glass bowls with cover

No. 2303
Limit: 60 €
mixed lot of doll kitchen pieces, small wooden barrel, egg basket, 2x poultry, mincing knife, small articles, 3 forms are more recent, along with it 1 spoon holder, enameled, 17 cm, partially flaked off enamel parts

No. 2304
Limit: 900 €
La tour de clowns nouveau jeu d´adresse intéressant pour tout age, clown-ball game, fold-out, France, H: 67 cm, nice original-condition, with 6 papier mâché-clown-figures, unusual, decorative, c. 1890, complete set, original balls, catapult mechanism working

No. 2308
Limit: 60 €
mixed lot of doll kitchen parts, 7 pieces, sheet metal, enameled, pots, pans, small flaked off enamel parts, nice small size, pot height: 5 cm, along with it 2 jars, sheet metal, lithographed, slightly loss of lithography

No. 2314
Limit: 90 €
dollhouse wash trough, 9.5 cm, ironing board, knocker, clamps, 1 sewing machine, probably PLANCK, small bisque doll

No. 2319
Limit: 900 €
kitchen with chimney hood, c. 1850, wood, colored, old painting, sides with plugs, width: 76 cm, height: 49 cm, fix fitted shelves, bread cupboard, washstand, chimney hood, richly accessories, tinplate, tin, ceramic, copper, 1 coffee roaster, with dollhouse room, Biedermeier, papier mâché shoulder headed doll, fabric body, wood arms and legs, fire place was supplemented by a stove

No. 2333
Limit: 320 €
rustic kitchen with chimney hood, width: 63 cm, height: 42 cm, c. 1860, fix fitted furniture, windows at the side , chimney hood, fire place, old painting, some pieces of accessories, slightly more recent

No. 2348
Limit: 450 €
small kitchen with chimney hood, width: 49 cm, height: 21 cm, 2 windows, fix fitted shelves, corner cupboard, fire place with chimney hood, nice tinplate pieces, some ceramic-and wood pieces, wall painting is probably more recent

No. 2349
Limit: 30 €
kitchen with chimney hood, width: 87 cm, height: 34 cm, depth: 40 cm, kitchen, bread cupboard, shelves, chimney hood was supplemented, was 1x painted over

No. 2354
Limit: 90 €
dollhouse living-room suite, pear tree furniture, height of chair : 10.5 cm, withornaments made of gilded sheet brass, 4 chairs, 1 bench, small table, 2 separate chairs, good condition, unusual

No. 2359
Limit: 60 €
wardrobe, pear tree, around 1900, 28 cm, unusual

No. 2364
Limit: 160 €
dollhouse furniture program, exceptional, before 1900, sofa H10 cm, 2 back feet were supplemented, table, 6 chairs, mirror bureau, top cabinet, 13.5 cm

No. 2380
Limit: 40 €
mixed lot of dollhouse tin parts, cups, plates, lamps, shell, jugs, 1 sword made of sheet brass, 12 cm

No. 2410
Limit: 120 €
big mixed lot of fabrics, ceiling /covers, curtains, drape fabric, for dollhouse, curtain rods, with clamps, 6 pieces, sheet brass, 20 and 40 cm, 1x 10 cm, along with it 4 curtain transoms

No. 2412
Limit: 30 €
mixed lot of frames for dollhouse pictures or mirror, 5-15 cm, sheet metal, sheet brass, 1 frame decorated with beads, unusual

No. 2419
Limit: 160 €
asiatic game, wood box with many inserts, painted, with pieces, nacre, very elaborately produced, width: 38 cm, depth: 31 cm

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