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No. 2420
Limit: 40 €
relief pictures for colorization, scenes with wild animals, with trees, in original box, around 1900

No. 2437
Limit: 180 €

painting, " das Malheur ", c. 1880, unsigned study ?, labeled on the back , oil on canvas, size without frame: 24.5 cm x 18 cm, framed

No. 2827
Limit: 70 €
Santa Claus, papier mâché, Japan, 26 cm

No. 2828
Limit: 160 €
Santa Claus seesaw, wood/mass, felt-clothes, 20 cm, with small feather branch, in box, age?, in box

No. 2835
Limit: 160 €
lamp angel, colored  wood, dough arms, 23.5 cm

No. 2836
Limit: 380 €

lamp angel, colored  wood, dough arms, dough collar, height: 32.5 cm, crack at the side  is caused of old age

No. 2839
Limit: 800 €

Christmas box, sheet metal, lithographed, with Santa Claus face, 38cm, good condition

No. 2842
Limit: 90 €
papier mâché Santa Claus, 25 cm

No. 2948
Limit: 80 €
cake pan, ceramic, lenght:16 cm, 1 zinc cake pan mussels, eggs cake pans, 1 bird

No. 2959
Limit: 50 €
Santa Claus, papier mâché, felt clothes, Japan, 21 cm

No. 2965
Limit: 50 €
Christmas tree decoration, big cotton wool bell, height: 22 cm

No. 2968
Limit: 60 €
plate of Christmas goodies, 5 pieces, porcelain, diameter: 16.5-28 cm

No. 2983
Limit: 60 €
Christmas service, Christmas tree decoration, glass, can, height: 18 cm, 4 cups, 3 small cups, 1 small swan top

No. 2986
Limit: 40 €
2 pieces, wax Easter bunny, 20 cm, 1 part at ear is missing, otherwise slightly knocked, 1 hand is missing

No. 2994
Limit: 220 €
2 Biedermeier Christian tree balls, 1x blue, 1x green, heavy, diameter: 13 cm, the blue ball is slightly steamed up, otherwise nice condition

No. 2995
Limit: 160 €
Biedermeier, Christian tree balls, green glass, height: 9 cm

No. 3006
Limit: 60 €
dancing bear, probably France, sheet metal, fabric covered, wood arms, lead feet, clock mechanism s intact, 17 cm, used, pelt is slightly worn

No. 3018
Limit: 120 €

teddy-baby, pre-war era, wool plush, 44 cm, without button, was stronger used, snout was possibly 1x sewn up, along with it 1 squirrel, Perri, complete, cloth tag label and chest label are slightly worn, postwar era

No. 3027
Limit: 120 €

Cosy-schnauzer, with button and cloth tag label, No. 5050-25, sitting, 26 cm, Dralon stuffing, rare, a bit covered in dust, otherwise very good

No. 3030
Limit: 60 €

Krabbi, with button, chest label and cloth tag label, No. 2010,00, small version, lobster, 10 cm, very good condition

No. 3037
Limit: 80 €

Yes/No, page, chimpanzee, 27 cm, felt at tail is missing, used, damages at felt

No. 3038
Limit: 60 €

Yes/No, chimpanzee as page, 20 cm, was stronger used, mohair loss

No. 3044
Limit: 90 €

summersault monkey, 1 felt hand is missing, otherwise good, clock mechanism is intact, 9.5 cm

No. 3059
Limit: 280 €

pre-button era, velvet hare, 15 cm, shoe button eyes, small places with loss of velvet, good condition for that period, around 1900

No. 3472
Limit: 450 €

early Hampelchen, fabric head, 3 seams at the back of the head, type No. 1, loose sewed on arms and legs, hands are worn, number on sole 463, painting is slightly worn, hands opened, the KÄTHE KRUSE original box is strongly worn, back of the head with loss of color

No. 4073
Limit: 320 €

bisque porcelain socket head, brown sleepy eyes, opened mouth, line of upper teeth, pierced ears, marked Fabrication Francaise in cartouche, semi-automatic machine, by  moving the leg the the head starts turns, clothes are partially sewed of old fabric, old underwear, 73 cm

No. 4077
Limit: 120 €
swaddle child, papier mâché, fix inset blue glass eyes, closed mouth, mass forearms and legs,

No. 4086
Limit: 240 €

wood full head, blue sleepy eyes, opened mouth,  2 upper teeth, swivel head, jointed wood body, jointed ankles, 34 cm, with original SCHÖNHUT-Doll stamp on the back, please note that it is risky to transport the eye mechanism

No. 4105
Limit: 220 €

swivel head, blue painted eyes, closed mouth, marked SCHÖNHUT 1913 walkable Doll, jointed arms and legs not jointed, original stamp on the back SCHÖNHUT walkable Doll, 35 cm

No. 4114
Limit: 60 €
all-bisque, wag doll, 13 cm, fine modelled hair with hairband, blue painted eyes, modelled clothes, marked Anker symbol

No. 4163
Limit: 1250 €
Christmas toy, rare, Belzenickel Polichinelle and doll, c. 1870, height: 35 cm, wood, very expressive papier mâché head with long nose and protrudent chin, by a pull mechanism the Beelzebub starts to throw a child from the right to the left, unusual, is a museum piece

No. 4178
Limit: 80 €

126, bisque porcelain socket head, brown impish eyes, opened mouth, 2 upper teeth, tongue, cork cover wasn't removed, please note that it is risky to transport the eye mechanism, from outside are no flaws recognizable, mass Toddler body, old wig, 40 cm

No. 4198
Limit: 120 €
bisque porcelain shoulder headed doll, Parian, 38 cm, fine modelled hair, blue painted eyes, closed mouth, pierced ears, ears visible, fabric body, porcelain forearms, old clothes, shoes and socks, with hat

No. 4207
Limit: 90 €

bisque socket head, 38 cm, blue sleepy eyes, opened mouth, upper teeth, mohair wig, jointed body with head turning mechanism (is faulty), jointed arms, old clothes, shoes and socks

No. 4209
Limit: 1900 €

Tête JUMEAU, bisque porcelain socket head, French Bébé, with fix inset blue paperweight- eyes, pierced ears, marked Tête JUMEAU number 12, stamp, French jointed body with Bébé JUMEAU diplomas d´honneur, label on the backside, French jointed body, except of bleached out places in good condition, dress old, 62 cm, old cork cover, and wig and hood, very expressive

No. 4213
Limit: 1200 €

bisque porcelain socket head, dark-skinned Bébé, fix inset brown glass eyes, closed mouth, pierced ears, French jointed body, 28 cm, clothes are partially old, shoes underwear old, and old cork cover

No. 4217
Limit: 1400 €

Bébé, bisque porcelain socket head, fix inset brown  paperweight eyes, closed mouth, pierced ears, chip at left earlobes, marked number 7, chips at the neck crank, and 1 hairline crack on the forehead, French jointed body with fix wrists, body in good condition, with stamp on the backside JUMEAU Medaille d´or Paris, small unevenness on the left cheek, otherwise very nice expression, without cork cover, old curly wig, dress was sewed of old fabric, 38 cm

No. 4222
Limit: 60 €

shoe cleaning equipment, Biedermeier, nice decoration for a fashion doll, height: 6 cm, unusual

No. 4230
Limit: 160 €

bisque doll with shoulder headed doll, 46 cm, modeled hair, blue painted eyes, closed mouth, leather body, porcelain forearms, 1 thumb is break off, old clothes, old leather boot, sole worn

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