Steiff auction in Giengen June 28, 2008
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No. 1
Limit: 650 €
Farmer John from Swabia, 1908 - 1924, 50 cm, felt, blue glass eyes, centre seam, sewed on felt ears, hair made of mohair, original felt hat, felt waistcoat with 9 STEIFF buttons, original felt trousers, original shoes, all in all in a very good condition, except for two very little spots on the forehead and on the fingers

No. 2
Limit: 550 €
Traditional costume doll, 1908 - 1911, 50 cm, felt/mohair, felt body, original clothing and shoes, with button, remainings of white cloth tag label, 3 small little faults concerning the felt of the face, as well as little faults on the legs, good condition

No. 3
Limit: 450 €
Doll, Dutchwoman, 1911 - 1921, 50 cm, felt, glass eyes, original clothing clogs, with button, faults concerning the felt caused by old age, loss of mohair, used

No. 4
Limit: 800 €
Sow/pig, 1905 - 1906, 14 cm, light coloured felt, blotchy, standing, metallic wheels, shiny button, remianings of white cloth tag label, shoe button eyes, very good condition

No. 5
Limit: 320 €
Infanterist, 1912 - 1916, 35 cm, felt jointed, full marching order equipment, german soldier, original felt clothing, original shoes, without helmet and knapsack, with button, soles stud with 25 STEIFF buttons, dirty face, felt clothing in good condition, little hole in the hand

No. 6
Limit: 1200 €
Position with speacial history, Mr. Vallendor, sales manager of Margarete Steiff Ltd. in the 30’s, had a secretary, named Adelheid LIbor. Due to the family, she sometimes had to fix the buttons of the men in the company and thus she always had some needles on her desk. One day Mr. Vallendor got from the “Altenkammer” from Margarete Steiff a pin and needle cushion. Later on, Ms. A. Libor married Mr. Karl Schelker and when she then left the company, she got the pin cushion as a present: Lion lying on pin cushion, velvet, yellow and brown, mane made of mohair, Cushion decorated with cord, velvet a little shabby, velvet of lion in good condition, nearly no loss of mohair, 14 cm high, about 1904

No. 7
Limit: 650 €
Belgian soldier, 1910 - 1919, 30 cm, felt jointed, centre seam on the head, button eyes, with button, leather belt, little felt damages, painting and used

No. 8
Limit: 350 €
Rekord-Moritz, 1916 - 1926, on puling platform with wheels and moving mechanism and voice mechanism, dragging or pulling rope 25 cm, felt, button eyes, decoration bleached a little, some spots were repaired concerning the felt

No. 9
Limit: 180 €
32 plates, 1910 - 1920, with images and photographies, most of them are windowdecoration, remarkable, portrayals, fun fair, circus, menagerie, portrayals with children, burning house, horse racing, Noah’s ark, some images are small, some large, all together the plates are 48,5 x 32,5 cm, remarkable

No. 10
Limit: 450 €
Roly-Poly Clown, 1909 - 1917, 27 cm, felt, blue/yellow, some faults on the ball, felt of the face in good condition, without button, rare

No. 11
Limit: 450 €
Music-Teddy, 1951 - 1957, 35 cm, mohair, caramel, jointed, music mechanism from Switzerland, red felt application on its stomach, white letters: “Music”, used, with button, cloth tag label worn out, used, good condition

No. 12
Limit: 950 €
Teddy, pre-war period, approx. 1908, 33 cm, with button, crosswise embroided nose, partly repaired, little loss of mohair on its mouth, repaired felt paws, squeaker, hunchback, long bended arms, good condition

No. 13
Limit: 300 €
Teddy bear, approx. 1910, 30 cm, blond, with button, shoe button eyes, felt paws in good condition, little loss of mohair on its mouth, long bended arms, small loss of stuffing, defective squeaker, a little used

No. 14
Limit: 1500 €
Bear, approx. 1933, 50 cm, white, light embroidery, long bended arms, slight hunchback, with b utton, loss of stuffing mohair in good condition except for some small spots, beautiful face expression

No. 15
Limit: 350 €
Teddy Baby, 1949 - 1953, 9 cm, mohair, darkbrown, jointed, with tag, red writting, button and cloth tag, No. 7309, with US-tag remained in very good condition, very good condition

No. 16
Limit: 300 €
Bear, 1934 - 1943, 25 cm, darkbrown, crosswise embroided nose, with button, without cloth tag, label and number, felt paws in very good condition, slight hunch- back, long bended arms, very good condition

No. 17
Limit: 180 €
Teddy Baby, 1949 - 1953, 22 cm, corn coloured, with button and US-Cloth tag, No. of tag 7322, mohair, open mouth, felt paws in good condition, defective squeaker, with collar and bell, very good condition, beautiful face expression

No. 18
Limit: 320 €
Molly, 1928 - 1934, 20 cm, white, darkbrown tipped, with button, red cloth tag and label, No. 3322,2, tiny loss of mohair on the neck, good condition

No. 19
Limit: 90 €
Hush Puppies, 1961- 1962, sitting, 22 cm, advertising figure for shoe-manufacture, exceptional size, with button, cloth tag and label, No. 4080/22, defective squeaker, otherwise in good condition

No. 20
Limit: 180 €
Cat, neck mechanics, 1930 - 1943, sitting, 15cm, without buttom, cloth tag and label, defective squeaker, grey tabby, jointed, glass eyes, mohair in good condition except for some small spots, seat height 15 cm

No. 21
Limit: 900 €
Gelb-Has ( yellow rabbit ), 1932 - 1934, standing 25 cm, yellow, mohair, begging, floppy ears, pink velvet on the inner ear, with jacket, defective squeaker, with button and red cloth tag but number cannot be read

No. 22
Limit: 220 €
Woolen miniature, duck, approx. 1926 - 1934, 6 cm, with felt bonnet, metallic legs with little slippers, with button and red cloth tag label, No. 1506, very good condition

No. 23
Limit: 250 €
Lulac, 60`s, standing 32 cm, with button, cloth tag and lable No. 1322,00, original condition, cannot be found in this size in the STEIFFcatalogue, possibly it is a sample

No. 24
Limit: 4900 €
Teddy bear with muzzle, 1909 - 1917, 40 cm, light brown jointed, leather muzzle. squeaker, shoe button eyes, with button, series 12, number 5328,27, full mohair except for small spots on the mouth and eyes, embroying of the nose probably renewed, felt paws at the arms oversewn, some repaired spots on the felt of the feet, oirignal-STEIFF muzzle with writting

No. 25
Limit: 1900 €
Pupp Charly, 1929, 26 cm, fabric fur head,- arms and legs, white/purple dress, matching shoes, with cloth tag, original archiv badge No. 328,6, small defects on the back of its head, otherwise in good condition

No. 26
Limit: 1500 €
Ladybird from the STEIFF-archives, 1929, 7 cm high, mohair fur fabric, red/blue, wooden wheels, automatic crawl movements bended metallic feelers, with original STEIFF badge number 1310, good condition

No. 27
Limit: 900 €
Clown, 1936, 40 cm, with button, cloth tag and label with No. 35, original badge from the STEIFF archives, felt face beautifully coloured by hand, glass eyes, hair made of yellow mohair, white felt hat, silk ruff, blue cloth, rampers, black and red coloured felt shoes, good condition

No. 28
Limit: 1900 €
Swan, 1919, 23 cm, from the STEIFF archives, white mohair, with the original badge 2322EX, very beautiful expression of the felt face, small rips on the neck, underneath the wings a special layer of felt, as well as black felt legs, wooden excentric-wheels, very rare, limited edition of seventeen pieces

No. 29
Limit: 9500 €
Bonzo, one piece of the STEIFF archives, coloured velvet, blue glass eyes, red leather collar, red sewed on felt tongue, squeaker, jointed, standing 22 cm, with the original-button, red cloth tag and label, No. 5417, with the original badge, perfect condition, beautiful colours, Bonzo is a figure, of the english artist G. E. Studdy, who is commercializing the success of the little dog, books are published in high numbers, Bonzo is getting popular, STEIFF is sending the first sample to England to obtain an expert’s opinion, it flopped, in favoured of the english company Chad Valley & CO., Steiff stopped the series, there are seven different sizes of the little dog in the STEIFF archives, all together there are 115 samples

No. 30
Limit: 200 €
Woolen miniature, 3 cm, rabbit,19311 - 1934, with button and completely white cloth tag, No. 254,3, number was changed by handwritting, number underneath cannot be readanymore, original condition

No. 31
Limit: 480 €
Original Teddy, 1959 - 1964, 35 cm, darkbrown, with button, cloth tag and label, No. 5335,03, squeaker, felt paws in good condition, original condition

No. 32
Limit: 200 €
Laika, 1959, 17 cm, with button and yellow cloth tag, No. 1317,00, defective squeaker, good condition

No. 33
Limit: 950 €
Bear, pre-war period, approx. 1910, 30 cm, darkbrown, with button, shoe button eyes, crosswise embroided nose, faults at the felt paws, squeaker, long bended arms, little hunchback, good condition

No. 34
Limit: 1300 €
Teddy bear, 1923 - 1926, 58 cm darkbrown tipped, with button, small remainings of white cloth tag, squeaker, felt paws in good condition, long bended arms, hunchback, peferctly embroided nose, beautiful mohair, perfect condition

No. 35
Limit: 900 €
Bear, pre-war period, approx. 1910, 50 cm, yellow, with shoe button eyes, long bended arms, hunchback, little loss of mohair, little loss of stuffing, nice expression, good condition

No. 36
Limit: 120 €
Bear, 1923 - 1926, 10 cm, with button, small remainings of white cloth tag, very good condition, nice expression, together with a booklet: Margarete Steiff und der Teddybär, die Geschichte eines Lebens, by J.M. von Koerneritz, 1947, 60 pages

No. 37
Limit: 120 €
Original-Teddy bear, 1959 - 1964, 38 cm, caramel, with button, label and yellow cloth tag, No. 5343,02, squeaker, felt paws in very good condition, unused

No. 38
Limit: 800 €
Teddy bear, pre-war, 1923 - 1926, 48 cm, yellow, with button, hunchback, long ben- ded arms, squeaker, mohair in good condition except for small spots, good condition

No. 39
Limit: 1900 €
Original-Teddy bear, 1950 - 1958, 75 cm, white, rare size concerning this colour, with button and cloth tag, No. 5375,2, brown emboided nose, glasseyes ,squeaker, fet paws in good condition, except for some small spots, mohair in good condition, very good condition

No. 40
Limit: 1600 €
Teddy bear, pre-war period, 1926 - 1934, 50 cm, white, with button, red cloth tag, Number cannot be read, light embroided nose, hunchback, long bended arms, one felt paw was repaired on a small spot, beauti- ful mohair

No. 41
Limit: 900 €
Teddy bear, pre-war, 1926 - 1934, 21 cm, white, light embroided nose, small faults at the felt paws, slight hunchback, long bended arms, glass eyes, double squeaker defect, small loss of mohair on mouth, otherwiese in good condition except for some small sots

No. 42
Limit: 250 €
Teddy, pre-war period, approx. 1912, 20 cm, was obviously once white, without button, cloth tag and label, shoe button eyes, light embroided nose, with a framed original photography of Margarete Steiff, very nice lot

No. 43
Limit: 250 €
Advertising item ginger breadhouse, from 1964, 70 cm high, very good condition, one little masterpiece from the STEIFF department for showpieces, edited for the first time in the publicity adviser of STEIFF in the year 1964, with decoration, comment: “Please take animals out of stock”, little damages due to age, as well as small distortions of the rubber parts, nice and extraordinary piece

No. 44
Limit: 400 €
Teddy bear, pre-war period, 1922, 20 cm, with button, remainings of white cloth tag, shoe button eyes, yellow, hunchback, felt paws in good condition, a little loss of mohair, but all in all in a good condition

No. 45
Limit: 450 €
Original-Teddy, approx. 1959, 34 cm, white, with button, yellow cloth tag with No. 5335,04, squeaker, dark embroided nose, glass eyes, felt paws in very good condition, small hunchback, original condition

No. 46
Limit: 100 €
Scotty, 1934 - 1943, standing hight 37 cm, black, with button, cloth tag and label, No. 1335,02, red leather collar with bell, very good condition

No. 47
Limit: 120 €
Molly, handbag, 1928 - 1940, 20 cm sitting hight, colours faded a little, was obviosly watered in white and brown, with button remainings of red cloth tag, defective dubble squeaker in the tail, otherwise in good condition, rare

No. 48
Limit: 350 €
Bärenmarke-Bear, advertising animal produced for Nestlé, 1960, with button, cloth tag and label, No. 7535,90, jointed arms, original condition, limited edition of 614 bears

No. 49
Limit: 800 €
Donkey and carriage, 1922 - 1926, 56 cm, felt, wooden wheels, white wooden carriage, painted in blue and red, donkey with button, white cloth tag, No. 1122, leatherbelt from harness defective, otherwise very nice original condition

No. 50
Limit: 120 €
Figur, Johann, from 1912 - 1920, 44 cm, with button, felt head with center seam, button eyes, Expressman, a little bleached, hat original?, jointed cloth legs, shoes made of oil cloth, rubbed off felt colouring, one button on jacket was renewed, trousers were damaged, altogether in played original condition

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