Complete catalog (2133 items)

No. 1
Limit: 60 €
mixed lot original boxes, Prämeta Köhler Automobile, Buick 405, Mercedes Benz 300, Jaguar XK120 Serie 3, 3 advertising signs, very good condition

No. 2
Limit: 30 €
train, US-zone, sheet metal, lithographed, clock mechanism is intact, in original box, good condition

No. 3
Limit: 380 €

small battleship, 42 cm, clock mechanism is intact, 1 mast is missing, at floor down below with small scratches on the paintwork, otherwise nice original condition

No. 4
Limit: 50 €

steam engine drive model, butter machine, height: 11 cm

No. 5
Limit: 70 €
board game, '30s, car race, for single drivers and teams, "Kameradschaft voran", 6 plastic vehicles , decorative board game, with game guidance, in original box, very good condition

No. 6
Limit: 60 €
telephone system, GEOBRA, consists of 2 telephones, used, good, technical not checked, original box with Micky mouse motif

No. 7
Limit: 50 €

miniatures, train, tank, tanker, vehicle with field kitchen

No. 8
Limit: 60 €

miniatures, train with tin wheels and equipment, in a box made of chipboard

No. 9
Limit: 60 €

tiger with a piece of meat, 1 tiger standing on 4 paws, 16 cm, condition 3, 1 foot is break off

No. 10
Limit: 30 €

machinery with conveyor belt, sheet metal, lithographed, surface area 29x10.5 cm, height: 29 cm, pre-war era, clock mechanism is intact, good condition

No. 11
Limit: 90 €

793 racecourse, US-zone, 2 vehicles, clock mechanism is intact, good condition, in original box, with multicolored lithographed cover picture, box is caused of old age slightly worn

No. 12
Limit: 120 €

model kit with drive, wooden construction kit with game guidance, spring drive is intact

No. 13
Limit: 60 €
2 pieces, driver figures, probably '30s, fabric body, metal hands and feet, mass heads, racing driver or flier figure, 9 cm, 1 fireman, good condition

No. 14
Limit: 300 €

stationary traction engine, surface area 27x13.5 cm, water level glass, regulator of centrifugal force, original funnel, with burner, visually good condition, technical not checked, in original box, with transmission, drive models, whet-stone, DOLL, man at the saw, BING, water wheel, BING, knife grinder, accessories

No. 16
Limit: 20 €
2 pieces, robot, 1x sheet metal and plastic parts, Japan, 1 robot, a more recent production, technical not checked

No. 17
Limit: 30 €

mass, cat with boy, height: 3 cm, absolutely rare, condition 1-2

No. 18
Limit: 60 €

small ferris wheel, drive model, sheet metal, handpainted, with figures, the scratches on the paintwork are caused of old age , with flag, 20 cm

No. 19
Limit: 50 €
mixed lot of plastic tin figures, 5.5 cm, knight, marching, fighting, rider, good condition

No. 20
Limit: 750 €
family Lehmann, sheet metal, lithographed, 16 cm, flywheel drive with stick, bag and dog, the scratches on the paintwork are caused of old age , used

No. 21
Limit: 80 €
draft horse, around 1900, papier mâché / wood, pelt covered, pelt worn, casting wheels with spokes, height: 33 cm, seam at hull is opened

No. 22
Limit: 40 €
ball game, c. 1910, children with zeppelin, wood, height: 49 cm, width: 23.5 cm

No. 23
Limit: 50 €
ball game, wood stuck with lithographed paper, children with zeppelin, c. 1910, height: 60 cm

No. 24
Limit: 60 €
gyroscope, sheet metal, lithographed, clown motif, US-zone, height: 21 cm, good condition

No. 25
Limit: 90 €
3 pieces, gyroscope, sheet metal, lithographed, 1x M. H. Paris, France, used, small places are steamed up, 1x not marked African motif, good condition, small gyroscope with dove motif, slightly used, good

No. 26
Limit: 90 €

miniatures, horse and carts, mostly with tin wheels, 1 tram, used, small faults - good condition

No. 27
Limit: 80 €

miniatures, fair and market scenes, roundabout, swing boat, seesaw, stalls, mostly good condition

No. 28
Limit: 280 €
man, France, Je pais le tour du monde, No. 135, I go all around the world, height: 17.5 cm, head, sheet metal, handpainted, good condition, clock mechanism is intact

No. 29
Limit: 120 €
saloon, Lasreégate 5-51, France, sheet metal, clock mechanism is intact, electrical light up headlight, wheels with tyre, used, 32 cm, in original box, driver's door can be opened

No. 30
Limit: 60 €

"Nicki u. sein Auto aus dem deutschen Fernsehen" by Enid Blyton, caused on production with slight formation of cracks, original condition, in original box

No. 31
Limit: 40 €
truck Svenska, 26.5 cm, clock mechanism is intact, seats inside is loose, except of small scratches on the paintwork in original condition, with sign

No. 32
Limit: 320 €

Hydro-Car, electric, 5720, Mercedes, 220S, sheet metal, star is missing, technical not checked, visually good condition, in original box, box was glued at edge , with manual

No. 33
Limit: 60 €

coach, slight loss  of  lithography otherwise good condition

No. 34
Limit: 280 €

saloon, sheet metal, lithographed, 38 cm, with figure, 2 doors can be open, with driver figure, clock mechanism is intact, used loft find, original condition

No. 35
Limit: 60 €

mixed lot of miniatures, wood, horse and carts, vehicles, train, small box made of chipboard, some figures, some pewter figures

No. 36
Limit: 350 €

BORGFELDT, Japan, Walt Disney Production, Donald, celluloid, 9 cm, on a sheet metal tricycle, as good as new, clock mechanism is intact, rare

No. 37
Limit: 650 €
BORGFELDT, Mickey mouse, gymnast at the horizontal bar, Japan, celluloid, with horizontal bar 18 cm, restored, '30s, rare, clockwork intact

No. 38
Limit: 120 €
show jumper, Japan, clock mechanism is intact, sheet metal car , celluloid figures, height: 13 cm, good condition, unusual

No. 39
Limit: 120 €
children's horse-drawn carriage, Japan, horse and child made of celluloid, tricycle made of sheet metal, clock mechanism is intact, lenght: 22 cm, good condition

No. 41
Limit: 80 €
Japan, Air-Lines, 4-engined propeller plane, sheet metal and plastic parts, DC-7C, 45 cm span, slightly used, in original box, battery-operated, box is caused of old age in worn condition

No. 42
Limit: 80 €
Boing 727, MT, Made in Japan, 40 cm span, sheet metal- and plastic parts, battery-operated, good condition

No. 43
Limit: 160 €
biplanes, Made in Germany, pre-war era, sheet metal, lithographed, 52 cm span, clock mechanism is intact, electrical light up headlight, not checked, used original condition

No. 44
Limit: 180 €

German, pre-war era, zeppelin, sheet metal, lithographed, clock mechanism is intact, paper propeller is bended, a bit rust in front, otherwise used original condition, 27 cm

No. 45
Limit: 70 €

Japan, seaplane, span 38 cm, battery-operated, lithographed sheet metal, slightly used, good

No. 46
Limit: 180 €
biplanes, sheet metal, lithographed, German, pre-war era, clock mechanism is intact, good condition, with small traces of usage, electrical lighting wasn't checked, span 47 cm

No. 47
Limit: 90 €

Made in Japan, 4-engined prop plane, Seaboard World Airlines, with folding rear, inside 2 vehicles, clasp at rear won't fasten, span 49 cm, sheet metal and plastic parts, battery-operated, good condition

No. 48
Limit: 40 €
Haji, 2-engined prop plane, American Airlines, Japan, span 45 cm, battery-operated, sheet metal and plastic parts, good condition

No. 49
Limit: 60 €
2 pieces, airplanes, Pomijama, Made in Japan, Jet, flywheel drive, span 27 cm, sheet metal, lithographed, slightly used good, Masutoku, Made in Japan, flywheel drive, span 40 cm, good condition

No. 50
Limit: 60 €
plane, Japan, 4-engine jet, span 55 cm, battery-operated, Super-Jet, used, with small scratches on the paintwork, otherwise good, technical not checked

No. 51
Limit: 90 €
etc., Japan, E36, United States Air Force, plane with 6 propellers, span 65 cm, slightly used, good, technical not checked, lithographed sheet metal

No. 52
Limit: 220 €

man, sheet metal, lithographed, 16 cm, in the blue area colorwise bleached out, otherwise used, good, coil spring mechanism is intact

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