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Autumn auction Oct 9/10, 2015 and
Special auction Christmas tree decoration






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Absentee bids

Our auctions take place in Ladenburg.
You can place absentee bids.
You can collect your bids and send them to us. Therefore click on link "absentee bid" of the item you want to bid and enter your bid.
Absentee bids are not visible in the internet

Absentee bids are interpreted as maximum bids, that means the real knock down price can be lower.
You can place on bid per item, newer bids replace the old ones until there were sent.
On this way you can correct your bids.
In the absentee bids list you can remove a bid, until the bids were sent.

Please note: Only the sent bids are relevant. Changes on the bids, which were made later can not be considered!

Print catalog

You can order a print catalog in German language:

Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion
Lustgartenstraße 6
D 68526 Ladenburg

Price for both catalogs 25 Euro (in Germany)
(European Country € 30 ,-/ Oversea € 40,-, no credit cards)